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I’m very pleased to announce the availability of the new MindTouch Mediawiki to Deki Wiki converter. Most of you reading this are likely excited by this. There have been a lot, and I mean a lot, of requests for this over the last year in the forum and in email. So, great news, we’ve got a beta release of this ready. I’ve also got some not so great news though, this is not free. However, we’re steeply discounting the conversion fee.

First the details. The converter is only compatible with Mediawiki 1.10 or later. In order to convert your Mediawiki install MindTouch must perform the conversion. This is due to the complexity of the converter. What we need from you to upgrade your Mediawiki instance to MindTouch Deki Wiki is:

  1. ZIP of your MySQLdump of your Mediawiki database
  2. ZIP of your Mediawiki attachments directory.

You will receive back from MindTouch:

  1. ZIP of your new Deki Wiki MySQLdump
  2. ZIP of your new Deki Wiki attachments directory
  3. Deki Wiki import script

We’ve implemented the converter in such a way that we’re running a highly modified version of Mediawiki. The converter works roughly like this:

  1. The converter reads your database contents from the MySQLdump you provide,
  2. uses a MindTouch modified Mediawiki parser to convert the page content to Deki Wiki compatible XML,
  3. maps the newly converted content to the Deki Wiki database schema,
  4. and migrates the Mediawiki attachments to the Deki Wiki file structure.

The MindTouch Mediawiki to Deki Wiki converter will migrate:

  • Mediawiki users
  • IP blocks
  • pages with embedded images
  • talk pages
  • files attachements
  • page revisions history
  • page categories
  • recent changes
  • user watchlists
  • log
  • templates

File attachments from Mediawiki are mapped to a single page in Deki Wiki titled: “Media Gallery”. Page categories are mapped to Deki Wiki page tags. Category definition pages are mapped to MindTouch’s “define:tag” pages. In short, everything is intelligently migrated to Deki Wiki. The converter works for all languages.

The converter has been tested, the largest site it’s converted is a 25,000 page Mediawiki site (Mozilla Developer Community); however, this is a beta. This is why we will be offering Mediawiki conversion at half price. Moreover, we will give you an additional half off if you purchase a Gold Support Plan at the same time.

Price of Conversion:

Sites up to 10,000 pages (page revisions are not counted):
If your site exceeds 10,000 pages contact us directly
at [email protected] or at 619 795 8459 and we will
provide you with a custom quote.
Half price during closed beta: $2,499.50
Additional half off with the purchase of a Gold Product Support Plan: $1,249.75

In summary, if you’re interested just in a Mediawiki to Deki Wiki conversion (and your site is under 10,000 pages) we will convert you for half-price during the beta (this discounted price will last only about a month), or for: $2,499.50.

However, if you want to save even more, buy an annual support subscription, (Gold required) and receive an additional half off the price of conversion. Meaning, we will convert you for $4,995 (Gold Support price) + 1,249.75 (double discounted conversion fee) = $6,244.75. Clearly the greatest value is with the purchase of Gold Support. This also affords you a full year of phone support with priority queuing, and more.

One final pricing option, if you purchase Gold Support and Developer Support we will (only during the beta) give you the Mediawiki to Deki Wiki conversion for free. This is perfect for the power users who want help ramping up with DekiScript, customization, integration, or writing new extensions.

This is a beta? How can I trust that this *beta* converter will actually convert my Mediawiki site? MindTouch certifies every conversion. If we cannot successfully convert your Mediawiki site we will immediately refund your conversion fee.

Is it possible that my Mediawiki site will be corrupted by the conversion? No, absolutely not.

Please send questions to
[email protected]. This discounted price is only for a limited time; so act now. :-)


  1. “we’re running a highly modified version of Mediawiki”

    As Mediawiki’s published under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (see link), where can we download the modified sources?

  2. Ok, sorry & thx 4 clarification.

  3. @”Mediawiki”,

    NP, man. Sharing is good. :-)

    It is interesting to note that the terms of the GPL does not oblige MindTouch to redistribute the modified source code because we are not distributing anything. We are providing this as a service; however, as previously mentioned we had already made it public, like we’ve done with all our source code to date, in our SVN repo. Of course, we also package our source code and distribute this at for MindTouch Dream (LGPL), Deki Wiki (GPL) and other utilities (and we always have).

    I want to also point out that we’re providing this as a service for a couple reasons. The variety of templates possible in Mediawiki require some human intervention during conversion. We want this to be automated. By converting others’ Mediawiki sites (for a small fee) we hope to perfect the converter so as to not require a human’s labor to complete a conversion. Also, MindTouch providing the conversion, review, and certification will, of course, benefit the quality of the converter and insure the quality of any conversion. Lastly, we’ve spent more than 4 man months on the converter so far, recouping some costs would be great! :-)

  4. I think that you guys are mental if you think I would zip my companies internal wiki which contains so much stuff that will never see the light of day and send it to someone in the world.

    I can’t see how organizations would like to have their internal wiki spread around).

  5. @Dan,

    I understand your concern. While we’re offering this as a service that requires some human-touch it’s just how it is because currently it’s the case the conversion process requires quality control; however, after we vet the converter it will not require human intervention and, of course, we’ll certainly not ask that you share with us your corporate wiki to convert.

    Thanks for your interest and please stay tuned. :-)

  6. We are basically interested in a way to import mediawiki-content into deki wikis, but I also see it as a problem that we need to send you the content. As most of the wikis we supervise are internal company wikis, I don’t think that any of our customers (or even my supervisor for that matter) would ever agree to that.

    While I can see that manual fine-tuning of the conversion is necessary, it would be more interesting if there was a converter product we could buy and use ourselves and then do the hands-on as well.

    So, please keep us in the loop how the converter is progressing. Thanks.