Deki CMS – Agile Content Management with Deki Wiki

I’ve been working on a lot of new skinning features over the last couple months and one of my latest developments is Deki CMS. Deki CMS is a new skin that transforms Deki Wiki into an agile content management system (CMS) and is amazing for individual and collaborative content management.

The current Deki CMS version is the second iteration of the CMS skin which has been powering since September 2007. Since then, we have found that the advanced feature set of Deki Wiki performs excellent as an agile content management system. Here’s a screenshot of Deki CMS highlighting some of its many cool features.

What differentiates Deki CMS from Deki Wiki?
Well, to be honest, not too much, and that’s what makes it so powerful. Deki CMS has 100% of the functionality of Deki Wiki, but it’s only accessible to authorized users, contributors and administrators. Any public or non-authorized user can only see the content, but not edit it.

Does Deki CMS have file revisioning?
Every change you make in Deki CMS is versioned to ensure that your content is protected. Files and image attachments are also versioned. So if you need to upload a new JavaScript file for your homepage drop-down menu or if you need to update your flash demo, Deki CMS keeps track of every change.

How does Deki CMS manage multiple users?
With Deki CMS you can create unlimited users and unlimited user groups which will allow you to manage your website seamlessly. In addition, Deki CMS can also authenticate with LDAP, Joomla, WordPress, or even your own custom authentication provider, allowing you to easily integrate with your current systems.

Can I extend Deki CMS to integrate with my other application and services?
Absolutely, Deki Wiki and Deki CMS are highly extensible interfaces that are built on top of our distributed application platform. This allows you to easily integrate your existing applications for rich content. On top of integrating your existing applications, Deki Wiki has support for over 100 additional extensions to embed rich content directly into every page.
What about files, images, comments, and tags?
Just like Deki Wiki, each content page allows you to upload file attachments and images. Therefore, if you need to upload an image to include in your content, or if you if you need to reference a JavaScript file, it’s easy to do and also easy to manage. You can also add comments for inter-admin communication on a per-page level. Lastly, you can tag pages to enable easy searching and navigation.

Does Deki CMS support templating?
Of course! Deki CMS has an advanced templating system that allows users to create, include and modify templates on the fly. You can also create parameterized templates to display dynamic pages.

Do you have a Deki CMS screen shot?
I certainly do! – Deki CMS highlights.png

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email.




  1. Sounds great. I’ve been using Deki Wiki as a intranet for staff in my non-profit organization and have thought that it would be great to use Deki Wiki in a modified form for our external web site since our staff is already familiar with it’s editing tools and features. It would be another hurdle to have to teach them Joomla, Drupal or Plone. Currently our site is a semi-static collection of php template pages we edit with a combination of Dreamweaver and Contribute. I want to move to a open source CMS in our next web site upgrade during the upcoming year, so this looks very promising.

    When will this be available? In Jay Cooke (1.10) and/or as a separate skin download? Will the skin be documented in Opengarden on how to further customize it? For example, we may want to enable the side navigation bar for visitors to the site instead of maintaining a separate javascript or CSS top navigation bar. It might also be nice to have a CSS base properties form (like the one in Plone) in the Visual Appearance section to make it easier to customize the templates (see Or a form with check boxes to enable/disable certain features like the side navigation bar, login button, attachments, comments and so forth. Actually for comments, I would like to be able to enable a default option for comments and then have an option per page to show or hide comments.

    Has any thought been given to adding other optional CMS like features to Deki Wiki, such as, a publishing work flow (ex: write, send for review, reject/send back or publish with writer/editor/publisher roles – see Plone or Macromedia/Adobe Contribute for examples)? How about start and end publish dates for time sensitive pages?

  2. Ed,

    It sounds like Deki Wiki is really working out well for you so far, great!! As I mentioned in my blog post Deki CMS has only been used to power and I’m a little hesitant to release it into the wild. So we’re not going to include it in Jay Cooke for now. Instead I’m going to make it available for download on with the corresponding documentation. We will probably make the download available in the next two or three weeks depending on how much documentation I can pump out.

    The template can be altered to display all of the original Deki Wiki functionality and it’s actually quite easy. I’ll be sure to address that in my documentation. As for the styling system I don’t think that will be rolled out any time soon. We certainly have discussed it a lot, unfortunately our task lists are long and it will be a while till a more structured styling system is available.

    The publishing workflow topic is a recurring discussion here however we continuously stray away from integrating such a system for two reasons. First we think integration of a workflow system will drastically confuse the user experience. Second we expect that a third party vendor that focuses on BPM or workflow management will be able to provide this service through integration. If a vendor is able to provide such a service we may include the extension with the Deki Wiki source which is currently downloaded about 2,000 times daily.


  3. Damien- Regarding workflow management, can you recommend particular 3rd party vendors who have, or are working on, workflow management integration with Deki Wiki? Thx.

  4. Kurt, I’ve recently been talking to ProcessMaker about integrating their workflow management tool into Deki Wiki. If you’re interested check out their opensource project and see what you think. Developing a Deki Wiki extension will be really easy.


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