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Deki CMS combines the strengths of both a wiki and a content management system ensuring ease of use, control, and great presentation for designers, writers and administrators alike. The CMS is a feature add-on to Deki Wiki which essentially transforms the extremely powerful wiki platform into a light weight CMS system. In addition, Deki CMS allows users to leverage a collaborative content management system for greater content growth and governance.

I created the first version of Deki CMS about 10 months ago to power the MindTouch public site. I developed the add-on because I was sick of using other content management systems and being let down. With other content management systems I wasn’t able to version my changes and I couldn’t see who was contributing what. I couldn’t do simple things like easily maintain url aliases or use templates throughout the MindTouch site. I also had problems with file attachments, in particular with storing design files. Oh yeah, and my content backup consisted of me yelling to Roy “Hey, save a copy of the database” and five minutes later “ok, revert the database.” I quickly realized that all these issues had already been solved and were the core competencies of a wiki.

Because Deki Wiki was so powerful and also such a great collaboration platform, I thought I’d try to bend the rules a little. I altered the wiki markup and placed all of the wiki functions in an easily accessible toolbar(create page, recent changes, hierarchical navigation, revision history, etc). I then made some more markup changes and hid the toolbar from anonymous users. Simply put, all site visitors see only the blank canvas of the wiki and all registered wiki users see the canvas and the toolbar.

Download at Sourceforge

Since my first release, I have made many major improvements. Deki CMS currently has revised SEO functionality, increased usability design, and drastically improved page load speeds. I’m going to continue improving the add-on but because it is one of my 20% projects, Deki CMS will not yet be supported or shipped with Deki Wiki. We have, however, decided to make Deki CMS publicly available for download. The files along with the instructions are available on SourceForge.

Simply navigate to the ‘download > browse all files’ tab and you’ll find Deki CMS under MindTouch Deki Wiki Modules.

MindTouch Deki CMS forum

I’ve also created a forum post to address issues, concerns and suggestions. Please use the forum link below for more information.

Thanks for your support
Damien Howley


  1. I installed the CMS skin as directed. Went to the control panel and selected the skin. The preview looked great. Once I set it absolutely nothing will now display from my wiki. Any ideas what went wrong and more importantly how to reset my skin to something that works?

  2. OK, got the skin reset http://forums.opengarden.org/showthread.php?t=1983
    Still am wondering why the CMS skin failed for me.

    Mark C.

  3. Got it to work. The only thing I changed was the skin name. The first time I just used “CMS”. This time I used “dekicms” like the readme says. Was this the issue?

    Mark C.

  4. Mark, that was definitely the issue. The name dekicms corresponds to not only the folder name but also the template name which is also identified within dekicms.php. Glad it works for you. Let me know if you come across any other issues.

    Damien Howley

  5. I have a few questions.

    1. What are the main functional differences between Deki Wiki and Deki CMS?
    2. Is Deki CMS a component-based CMS, meaning can components can be reused to generate multiple deliverables?
    3. Does Deki CMS have the notion of information types, such as Concept, Task and Reference?

  6. Richard,

    Deki Wiki and Deki CMS are functionally exactly the same. In fact it is precise to say that Deki Wiki powers Deki CMS. Deki CMS is simply a Deki Wiki skin that only displays the wiki functionality when an authorized user is logged in.


  7. I receive Fatal error: User::require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ” (include_path=’.:/var/www/dekiwiki:/var/www/dekiwiki/includes:/var/www/dekiwiki/languages’) in /var/www/dekiwiki/includes/User.php on line 517 when attempting to activate the skin.

  8. I have been trying to activate the dekicms skin. I am using Deki v.8.08.1a. I unzipped the deki cms.zip to the skins folder (unzips directly to create a folder called dekicms).
    In the (new) control panel, the dekicms skin preview shows up blank, and if I select it and try to apply the skin, the message says the skin is applied..however..viewing deki returns a 500 error…If i revert to the old control panel and select the cms and standard radio buttons visual appearance, I can see a preview fine..but applying the skin again returns an error…
    PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:Program FilesMindTouchMindTouch Dekiwebskinsdekicmsdekicms.php on line 420

    any ideas how I might get this to work..?

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