Switching editors for Deki Wiki in 8.07

fckeditor Two months ago, I wrote about our decision to move away from the Xinha codebase for our editor. Incrementally, we’ve been improving the alternate editor experience by adding the missing screens – templates, extensions, and the link & image dialogs.

Although this change wasn’t trumpeted in our release notes, both FCK and TinyMCE are in a usable state as of 8.05. I’ve been using FCKeditor for a few weeks now, and we’ve switched OpenGarden to use FCKeditor. I’d encourage you to try using FCKeditor or TinyMCE on your systems and see if you like them.

tinymce The immediate benefit for trying either of them is immediate support for Safari and Opera. FCKeditor also has an extensive plug-in system which may solve one of your needs (like this OG member who loves FCKeditor’s “Paste from Word” functionality).

Internally, we’re leaning towards FCKeditor due to its code structure, as well as the community around it. However, we’re definitely interested in hearing any community members who’d like to see TinyMCE become the default editor.

There’s currently an open thread on our forums about this topic, so please drop in and give us your 2 cents!

Edit: Jay made me realize what a bonehead I was – I never gave instructions to people who wanted to make the switch! I’ve created a FAQ on how to enable alternate editors in your Deki Wiki installations. Enjoy!


  1. Hey Roy,

    I am still seeing the Xinha editor on wiki.opengarden.org.

  2. Yes, he switched it back to Xinha temporarily at my request. It will be back to FCK in the morning.

  3. I’d **love** to try an alternate editor…can you put somewhere the instructions for how to go about selecting it? No instructions == no changes == no feedback..

  4. Hey Jay,

    That was incredibly bone-headed of me to not include a link :) Here is the FAQ I just created: http://wiki.opengarden.org/Deki_Wiki/FAQ/Configuration/How_do_I…Switch_to_an_alternate_editor

  5. Roy-

    Thanks for the link. However, if I am reading you right, the settings would have to be set up for all users of the Deki. That isn’t going to work; in our egalitarian society, setting an editor for my preferences shouldn’t change those guys that insist on using the old editor. So let me suggest an addition to the (heretofore massively underutilized) My Preferences page that would allow me to use a different editor while not forcing the rest of the users to have to conform to my preferences (and vice versa). Without such a capability, I’m afraid I’ll never get a chance to see how good these new editors are… :-(

  6. Jay – I totally understand your concerns. The main problem we’re having with multiple editors is they produce XHTML differently. That means people who are editing the same document in different editors will cause things to go haywire.

    Going forward, we’ll probably only support one editor per system as opposed to letting people set it through their preferences :(

  7. Looks nice, however does not allow me to paste in source code (eg Java), and format it accordingly using the WYSIWYG controls only. The old editor did.

  8. Hey Bert,

    Are you talking about the Syntax highlighter? It is possible to achieve this in FCK (although the interface is slightly different).

    Go to Format > Formatted
    Then the far right dropdown (Transformations) will allow you to choose the syntax.

  9. Er, the link to the FAQ is to a blank page. What happened? Did the XHTML issue kill this one?

  10. We moved sites, and our rewrite rules aren’t picking it up; here’s the correct link: http://wiki.developer.mindtouch.com/MindTouch_Deki/FAQ/Configuration/How_do_I…Switch_to_an_alternate_editor%3f