Deki Wiki 8.05.1 RC1 available!

Hey everybody,

I’m proud to announce the availability of Deki Wiki 8.05.1 RC1 today! Deki Wiki 8.05.1 is an incremental Jay Cooke release with a high focus on improving performance of Deki Wiki. Performance gains were realized primarily in the API to support the millions of pageviews per month for Mozilla’s Developer Center. All of the performance development gains are documented; check it out for details and hard numbers. On our test environment on an Amazon EC2 large instance, we saw performance gains from 8.05 up to 1200%!

Deki Wiki 8.05.1 also includes new functionality like single sign-on utilizing Apache/IIS authentication modules (experimental) which this allows for easy integration with auth systems like NTLM. Extensions now digitally sign requests to extensions, and we can finally authenticate for private RSS feeds! All Javascript libraries that are shipped with Deki Wiki were updated to their latest versions: jQuery 1.2.3, YUI 2.5.1, FCKeditor 2.6.0, and Xinha 0.95.

After consulting with you guys, we’ve decided to focus our attention on FCKeditor as our chosen editor. Starting with the Killen Woods (8.07) release, FCKeditor will be our default editor inside Deki Wiki – this release further stabilized FCKeditor to be used in production systems for aggressive bug testing before we switch it on by default.

The release notes for this release are a part of the Jay Cooke page; and as always, the download is available at SourceForge. Try it out now and let us know if there are any problems before the final release next week!



  1. Great just waiting for final release.

    Thanks for all your work.

  2. When you run on the VM, it still says the last update was 6th of May. So is this not available through that process yet?

  3. Hey Cody,

    VM updates are only available for stable releases – RCs are only available as source downloads. We’ll issue a full stable release next week, which will allow you to update via

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