Webinar Wednesdays: Collaborate & Connect Enterprise Systems with MindTouch Deki

We’re heading into week 4 of Webinar Wednesdays here at MindTouch with the topic: Collaborate & Connect Enterprise Systems with MindTouch Deki! Get yourself ready for our Webinar this Wednesday, October 29 at 11am (PDT). One of our experts will take you through MindTouch Deki; starting off with the basics of using Deki and then focusing on a more specific topic (collaborating & connecting enterprise systems) for the remainder of the hour (Q&A time also included in the hour). In this session you’ll discover how to:

  • Create and edit pages
  • Invite users and collaborate immediately
  • Connect your enterprise systems
  • Seize opportunities for your sales teams
  • Utilize the hundreds of pre-built social and enterprise extensions
  • Increase collaboration and efficiency within your enterprise

More more information and to RSVP for the Webinar visit our Webinar Wednesdays page. And if you have any additional questions about Webinar Wednesdays please email sarahc (at) mindtouch (dot) com.

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