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With the recent release of MindTouch 2009 some have noted we’ve dropped “Deki” and “DekiWiki” from the product name. This was an intentional omission. We’ve thought long and hard about this and we are convinced this is in the best interest of “DekiWiki” the open source project and MindTouch, Inc the company. It has been clear for some time that MindTouch users, MindTouch customers, journalists and analysts are consistently being confused by MindTouch product naming. As such, in order to alleviate confusion we’re simplifying for the sake of our users, developer community and customers. Initially it will take a little getting used to, but this will be in everyone’s best interest. MindTouch Deki Screenshot

Over the coming weeks (and months) MindTouch, Inc will be making changes to www.MindTouch.com and the MindTouch community to reflect this change. It will take longer for MindTouch, Inc to make all the required name changes in the source code of our flagship product. I hope you’ll be patient with us as we make this important transition. I’m confident the naming convention we’re soon to employ will make MindTouch, Inc and the software we develop significantly easier to understand from a product perspective. In effort to clarify further, allow me to provide a rough sketch of MindTouch products and technologies:

MindTouch Core is the free and open source (gratis and libre) core of MindTouch software, the most popular wiki and collaborative portal ranked in the top open source projects in the World and ranked #1 in collaboration by Sourceforge.net. MindTouch Core is licensed under GPL v. 2 and is most suitable for developers, technical enthusiasts and for use in non-critical environments. It has most of the features of MindTouch Standard and MindTouch Enterprise, but lacks official MindTouch, Inc support and many enterprise tools for utilizing MindTouch beyond wiki collaboration.

MindTouch Standard 2009MindTouch Standard is an enterprise class wiki and collaboration platform for business automation that meets the needs of workgroups and medium sized organizations. MindTouch Standard is production ready, officially supported and is the minimum requirement for using the MindTouch Desktop Suite, database adapters, CRM adapters, charting tools, full featured LDAP and Active Directory module and more…. Moreover, this build is available under a shared source (non-GPL) license and includes indemnity. Pricing is based on number of users.

MindTouch Enterprise 2009MindTouch Enterprise offers the most robust enterprise-grade capabilities and scalability for medium sized to large organizations. MindTouch Enterprise is intended for large scale, high traffic, unlimited user deployments and supports multi-tenant, clustering and includes additional single sign on tools. Also, as is the case with Standard, this build is available under a shared source (non-GPL) license and includes indemnity. Pricing is based on number of tenants.

Some important odds and ends. MindTouch DekiScript will retain its name. DekiScript is a scripting language that provides a safe and secure mechanism for developing automation, custom workflows and enterprise mashups within MindTouch. MindTouch Dream is a .NET REST micro-server and programming framework for developing lightweight decoupled web-services, which is a technical way to communicate it’s a great tool for developing distributed software applications, or what is more commonly referred to as  cloud software. This too will keep the same name.

In the coming weeks MindTouch.com will be undergoing some major improvements. Specifically, we’re improving product communication, site navigation, the solutions page, adding a partner page(s) for new partners and more…. Most of the work being done on the website is based on recommendations from MindTouch community members and customers. If you have suggestions or questions please feel free to post comments here or email me directly (AaronF at MindTouch dot com). Thanks for all of your input and enthusiasm I’m thrilled that users and customers consider MindTouch to be their software and their company and not just an external entity.

In conclusion, I want to communicate a critically important point: MindTouch, Inc will always release an open source version of our software, keep open code repositories, public bug tracking, specs, roadmap, etc…. MindTouch Core is the realization of this commitment. In general terms, MindTouch, Inc will develop and differentiate the Standard and Enterprise editions from MindTouch Core with features that enable greater scale, management, desktop tools and portal-like capabilities such as enterprise automation and integration. MindTouch, Inc is committed to the principles and freedom open source development and distribution affords.

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  1. I have a concern that, over time, the open source side of Mindtouch will eventually become an orphan. It is natural for all entities to grow towards their energy source, and wither elsewhere. Right now the open source passion and respect in the company is strong. Will it stay that way when the paying customers out weigh the free ones? It would go some distance to alleviating my concern if at least some of the commercial-only extensions had a time limit on them. For example after 1yr the current Desktop Connector version becomes open source. Or after X number of sales are reached. Or some other metric I haven't been creative enough to think of.

    • Matt,

      Thanks for sharing your questions and concerns. I've responded to this comment in two blog posts:
      1). http://mindtouch.com/blog/2009/04/22/an-open-
      2). http://mindtouch.com/blog/2009/04/22/80-of-th

      • Aaron, thanks for taking the time to respond thoughtfully. It does strengthen my confidence in Mindtouch's dedication to open source. I still think it would be a very good idea to codify the established cultural practice, the trickle down of code from proprietary to open core, into formal policy. I'll let that rest for the moment; I've said my piece. :)

        (btw, I don't intend to remain solely an open source customer. I'm investing significant energy to convince my organisation to pay for it is precisely because of the open source.)

  2. R.I.P. "Deki". I won't stop using you :)

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