Anatomy of the MindTouch Community

What were the main reasons for choosing MindTouch? Questions

  1. Open Source
  2. Ease of use
  3. Extensible / Ease of Integration

How did you hear about MindTouch

  1. 32% Search engine
  2. 17% Word of mouth (friend, co-worker, twitter)
  3. 10.19% Blogs/Forums

    2% Advertisement  (2nd to last)

This is one of the most fascinating bits of information I gleaned from the survey. MindTouch is spread almost entirely by word of mouth. One could argue blogs and forums are a form of word of mouth too, which would put the total word of mouth at 28%. Another option was news articles and this ranked fourth. This obviously is relevant and must be attributed to MindTouch having an open source strategy and because we have been successful in creating a culture of engagement with our users and customers. I write about this more in another blog post.

Which of the following best describes how you use MindTouch? (multi-select)

  1. 47% Knowledge Base/Documentation
  2. 30% Intranet
  3. 21% Extranet/Community site
  4. 20% DMS
  5. 17% Project Management

Top Development Languages (multi-select)

  1. 42% Web Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript
  2. 30% PHP
  3. 28% Java
  4. 19% C# or other .NET technologies

First I think the fact that “web languages” is the top most commonly used speaks volumes about the capability of MindTouch to be a RAD platform for IT/non-programmers. Given MindTouch is developed in C# on .NET (or Mono) the fact C# or other .NET technology only ranks fourth is obviously very interesting. It is a testament to the technology agnosticism of MindTouch. While we did not survey this, I can report 80%+ of MindTouch paying customers run on Linux. The remaining < 20% is running on Microsoft Windows. Again, a testament to the platform agnosticism of MindTouch. However, Windows server is the fastest growing customer server operating system. This attributed to the new Microsoft Installer.

Top read publications of MindTouch respondents

  1. CNET 25%
  2. Slashdot 22.24%
  3. Wired 20.52%
  4. Engadget 19.4%
  5. CNN 19.22%

This last question about publications isn’t particularly pertinent, but I find it interesting. Some of the more celebrated technology media sites are suspiciously absent.

Finally, the last question of the survey was an open-ended question eliciting suggestions and feedback. An impressive 23% of respondents took the time to provide input. These were overwhelmingly positive and encouraging and included mostly “congratulations on growth and great product”, “way to go”, “keep up the great work”, “excellent support”, “excellent customer relations”, “GREAT SOFTWARE/PRODUCT/stuff”, “you are great” and general “thank you”s. No. Thank you all. :-)

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  1. Thanks for sharing these stats! Very interesting indeed especially for other similar minded open source software companies. I’ve been maintaining for a long time that we at ProcessMaker are growing like a weed because the community seems to really appreciate the fact that our programming language is so accessible. If you want to use ProcessMaker and really take it to new heights, its all just HTML, PHP, and Javascript. No other BPM/Workflow engine out there is so accessible. So, I really like to see the numbers on PHP vs Java in your survey. I definitely think there will be some takers for a ProcessMaker – Mindtouch Mashup.

    Thanks again,

    Brian Reale
    CEO, ProcessMaker

  2. Yes. ProcessMaker is a great product. I too think MindTouch + ProcessMaker creates a compelling solution for MindTouch users and customers.

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