MindTouch @ OSCON 2009

MindTouch, as always, is ecstatically participating at OSCON. It is one of the best conferences all year. I’ll be at the MindTouch booth in the expo hall where we will be demoing our latest product release, codename: ‘Minneopa’. This release has many exciting new features and is being announced this Wednesday at OSCON. I’m especially excited about demoing this product release at OSCON because some of the many new capabilities are uniquely suited for developers. Stop by to see the great new capabilities and tools.

Logo of Kaltura.

Also, This year MindTouch is co-sponsoring the LinuxFund’s 10 year birthday party with Kaltura. The event is being held Wednesday July 22nd from 8PM to Midnight at Motif in San Jose, which is just blocks away from the event. Event details can be found at the OSCON event page.

MindTouch founder and CEO, Aaron Fulkerson, is speaking at the event. He is leading a session on “How to Become a RESTafarian WOArrior” in Meeting Room C3 at 2:35pm Thursday, 07/23/2009. This talk covers the following objectives:

  • High level: What is WOA? How is it different from SOA and Object Oriented Programming?
  • How does WOA benefit business?Arron Fulkerson
  • WOA implementation strategies and methodologies.
  • WOA enterprise case studies.
  • How to be a RESTafarian WOArrior and why achieving this matters.

Aaron is also speaking on the Microsoft open source panel on Thursday July 23 @ 1pm in Meeting Room C2. The topic is “Roundtable Discussion: Microsoft and PHP ” with Garret Serack (Open Source Technology Center), Al Hilwa (IDC), Aaron Fulkerson (MindTouch ), John Keagy (GoGrid)

Brian Hill, of MindTouch product support, will be facilitating a BoF session titled “Bash and Beyond” in Meeting Room B2 at 7 pm Wednesday, 7/22/2009.

We hope to see you all at the sessions, the booth and most of all at the party.

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