Lost Enterprise Productivity due to Social Networking

According to a recent Nucleus Research report:

roi-reports-roi-case-studies-roi-tools-nucleus-research_12482975514281“Nearly half of office employees access Facebook during work. Nucleus found companies effectively lose an average of 1.5 percent of total office productivity when employees can access Facebook during the work day.”

1.5% may not sound like much but when you multiply by your company size it’s a considerable time-waster.  The Nucleus Research study also revealed a whopping 77% of corporate users have a Facebook account and two-thirds of those access Facebook every day for at least 15 minutes.  Worse, 87% of the users could not identify a clear business reason for using Facebook.

These results highlight the need for a Collaborative Network focused on connecting employees with other employees, customers and suppliers to achieve business objectives.   Let’s face it your employees are using social network sites.  But instead of enriching the enterprise they are enriching their social value on your dime.

Building a Collaborative Network has never been more important.   Your workforce is starving to interact, innovate and create content that builds corporate knowledge and makes your company more competitive.  Uncontrolled, socially focused sites rob your employee’s attention and create a less productive workforce.

Meanwhile, Collaborative Networks concentrate your employees’ interest on achieving corporate objectives and connecting with the organization.  While the process of change is not easy, it is easier than ever before. With the right leadership and use of Collaborative Networks virtually anyone can build a robust network today.

Imagine what this could mean to your organization.  If you can bring to the table not only a great solution, but an established MindTouch platform, you will have executives and managers lined up to commend you.

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