Thoughtboard | Collaborative Networking: How It’s Different

MindTouch has been pioneering the concept of Collaborative Networking as a superior alternative to enterprise Social Networking, Social Business Software and traditional enterprise collaboration (portal frameworks). I wrote initially about this in a high level article explaining Collaborative Networks at Ostatic. In this article I compared Social and Collaborative Networks thusly:

Social Networks’ Characteristics Collaborative Networks’ Characteristics
One to one Group to group
Social interaction centered Objective and content centered
Achieving personal objectives Achieving group objectives
Individual enrichment Operational excellence
Results immeasurable Results measurable
Social Networks Solve Collaborative Networks Solve
Who wants to meet at the club? Who can give me access to financials, market reports and customer profiling?
What’s your favorite Mexican restaurant? What are the expectations of this project?
Why did they unfollow me? Why did we see a drop in Q3 revenue?
Dude, where is the company picnic? I thought we already did this work, where are those documents?
How was “Casablanca”? How do we cut costs and increase revenue?

Jessica, a fellow MindToucher, recently locked me in a conference room here at MindTouch HQ and insisted I explain more thoroughly how Collaborative Networking fits into the landscape of traditional Enterprise Collaboration (new portal frameworks) and Enterprise 2.0. Here is the outcome:

Not only those of us at MindTouch realize how valuable and different our technology is. Forrester Research recently cited MindTouch as the best product alternative to Microsoft Sharepoint and IBM Lotus in the Forrester Wave: Enterprise Collaboration Platforms report.

Download The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Collaboration Platforms Report now, FREE of charge. Regularly this report costs $1749.00; however, this one is on MindTouch.


  1. Hi Jessica / Aaron.

    Great vid. It really helps understand where MindTouch fit’s from the reference point of the competition, which is very helpful.

    Did you use Kaltura to edit / annotate this? I think the diagrams work really well, and that’s a funny photo of Steve Bjorg!


  2. We did not use Kaltura for the editing of this video; although we could/should have. Kaltura’s video tools are fantastic and there has been a lot of interest in them since they were added to MindTouch.

    I’m pleased to read the video helped you to understand the unique and differentiated value proposition of MindTouch to the enterprise. It is very dissimilar from any other vendor out there. I hope this video communicates this well.

  3. So what did you use for this video? Really cool!


    • @Brian,

      Jessica did the work. I believe she uses Final Cut. We recorded it in less than 20 minutes with me speaking from the cuff in one take. We spliced in a 17 second segment near the end to make the close stronger and more clear. There is one spot I stammer early on. We didn’t bother editing it out.