Thanks For The Accolades

While I typically write an end of year wrap up in the new year, I couldn’t help writing about some recent awards MindTouch has been honored by. Beginning with, for the second year in a row, MindTouch was listed as a ReadWriteWeb Top 10 Enterprise Products. Other products honored included those from Microsoft, Salesforce, Jive Software, Cisco Systems and Apple. I am proud to note Microsoft and Cisco are both MindTouch customers too.

Two of the selected products that shared the spotlight this year with MindTouch are Microsoft Sharepoint and Jive Software SBS. MindTouch VP, Mark Fidelman recently highlighted these products in a blog post at CloudAve: SharePoint 2010 vs, MindTouch the Battle of the Platforms and Jive Software vs. MindTouch – a Guide for Decision Makers. Thanks for the recognition Alex, Marshall, Richard, et al.

In addition to the RWW honor, MindTouch has received many other accolades in recent months including:

In addition to the industry and media accolades, MindTouch continues economy-defying success with seven quarters of, at least, double digit revenue growth.

Thank you all for recognizing our hard work. At MindTouch we pride ourselves in working harder. We’ll continue to do our best to live up to the high standards set by these awards and recognition.

I wish that every one has a lot of time to spend with their loved ones during the holidays. For now, I’ll leave you with this JibJab video that was sent to me by a fellow MindToucher. It features the MindTouch executive team.

MindTouch Execs "Elfed" by jibjab

Left to right: Roy Kim, Steve Bjorg, Aaron Fulkerson and Mark Fidelman.


  1. Aaron, looks like your elf shorts are a little tight. Why the sour expression? :-)

  2. I know. I look a bit tense while all of you look so damn cheery.

  3. Aaron,

    Congrats to you and your team! The Accolades are much deserved. Mindtouch has defined a new standard for Collaborative tools AND you have also demonstrated how to run a Managed Open Source Project to produce quality results in a timely manner.