Proof Positive that Enterprise 2.0 Solutions will Increase Your Revenue

We’ve all heard the same complaints about Enterprise 2.0 solutions.  Either they are hard to justify a purchase due to vendors using the term “social” or that most of the ROI benefits have been soft.  At MindTouch, we’re undertaking a series of case studies from our best customers in order to quantify hard benefits like increases in revenue and/or decreases in costs.

RightScale’s Number One Lead Generation Source

MindTouch and RightScale “Over half of our visitors come to the site via organic Google searches”, said Dean Onishi, Communication Manager of RightScale. “The MindTouch powered documentation support site has become the #1 referring site for our Products.”

Moreover, a quick glance at the reveals a page rank of 5 which means there are a lot of influential external sites linking to it.

What’s this all mean?

Because RightScale’s technical documentation and support site are rich with information that answers their prospects questions, the results are showing up in Google/Bing search.  They show up in Google/Bing search because the content is valuable and people link to it.

And where do most of us go to find answers to our business problems? Most go to Google first.  Since Rightscale’s documentation is designed to answer prospective questions, the results show up in Google organically.

How MindTouch Increases your Revenue and Cuts Support Costs.

MindTouch is unique in the industry because of our focus on making your documentation more strategic.   Companies like RightScale are using MindTouch to strategically increase revenue by making their documentation better.  They make it better and extend the long tail of their documentation by allowing the community to add to the content and make the existing content better.

The effect of the increase in quality and quantity of the documentation boosts the search ranking.  The boost will directly and organically correlate to an increase in leads to your website.  Those that have been tying their documentation traffic to their CRM system (we use Marketo) can see exactly who is visiting their site and why, then act accordingly. Now that is so-called Social CRM but with hard results.

In terms of cutting costs, MindTouch provides powerful tools to make your documentation better.  The better your documentation about your product or service, the more likely it will answer support questions.  This result as one customer has told us, cut their support costs from $150 per support request to $0.05 (case study soon!), because their customers are finding the answer to their questions before contacting live support.

This creates the effect of the community selling and supporting the community.  A Community Manager’s dream.  You can do it today.  Just ask.

P.S. I will be posting a very detailed guide on how to build a community around your product/solution documentation shortly.  You don’t want to miss this one!


  1. Mark, great blog post! I'm also looking forward to the info on how to build a community around your product/solution documentation.

    Would you like to speak on these topics at the next LavaCon Conference in October?

    Info at:

    Jack Molisani, Executive Director

  2. Have you finished writing your the info on how to build a community around your product/solution documentation?

  3. Never heard of Mindtouch before I found this page. I'm using share point at the moment and that seems to be just fine so far although a little klunky. For the most part we use ActivCollab for internal projects as well as client interactions. Can anyone here vouch for mindtouch and in my case would it be of any benefit?

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