MindTouch Says Hello to Booz Allen’s Next Generation Enterprise 2.0 Intranet

In June 2009, Booz Allen Hamilton (“BAH”) was awarded the Open Enterprise 2009 Innovation Award for its groundbreaking Enterprise 2.0 portal, appropriately named “Hello”.  Booz Allen won the award in large part for because as Oliver Mark’s described it: “<BAH is> truly transforming their organization at its core through deep, enterprise-wide adoption.” ,Bill Ives wrote a fantastic series on the first generation Hello. It’s well worth the read.


Today, we’re pleased to announce that MindTouch and Microsoft are now powering BAH’s next generation hello.bah.com intranet., which went live on May 3, 2010 with only a few glitches (not related to MindTouch, mind you :-).

Walton Smith who headed up the project for BAH’ disclosed to us that Booz Allen chose MindTouch over their previous solution provider because of our ability to scale and the incredible amount of flexibility MindTouch gives its users.  He understands that Hello.Bah can easily be expanded by using the powerful MindTouch architecture to rapidly develop mashups, social applications and custom enterprise solutions.  Walton understands and readily embraces the concept of having it “your way”.

The next generation Hello is packed with new functionality for BAH users, including rich user profiles, an integrated user experience ( e.g. connection to PeopleSoft), more powerful search, and better contextual information so that content and people can more easily be found.  User-centric dashboards and their content rating system will soon go live providing a much improved system of discovery.

Hello2 – A Closer Look

hello bah booz allen infographic

Walton explains that Hello has created operational client delivery efficiencies and increased sales.  Further, because of Hello, Booz Allen is seen as a progressive leader by top government institutions, which is leading to increased business opportunities for the company.

Hello2 continues to the boundaries and leading the way in terms of Enterprise 2.0 solution benefits. From my experience in the consulting industry , relating consulting engagements to people and to work product was always a major challenge.  Who were the experts? Where were the client deliverables? How can we win new accounts by leveraging what has already been created in the firm?

I rarely found the answer to all three questions.  Moreover, scheduling time with the subject matter experts was a difficult task.  They were either engaged with a new client half-way around the globe or had left the firm.  Now, with Hello, content and people are linked contextually.  Simply do a subject search and the results map out the relationships to content and people. That’s powerful stuff.

Note to Internal Champions, Enterprise 2.0 = Promotions

Because of his efforts with hello.bah, Walton was recently promoted to Principal.  The firm recognized his contributions and rewarded him accordingly.  He took a chance and changed everything.

We understand the risks inherent in championing an Enterprise 2.0 solution, but the rewards are greater for you and your company.  We can help mitigate your internal challenges, just ask.  We’re here to help.

P.S. Hello2 is not the official name of the product.  We’re using it to denote a second generation tool with exponential capabilities due to the updates in version 2.

See Hello.Bah in person at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston

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Walton Smith (Booz Allen Hamilton), Grant McLaughlin (Booz Allen Hamilton)

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  1. It's encouraging that there are more and more actual concrete use-cases of 'enterprise 2.0' technologies and not just some unfortunate IT manifestation of Twitter-like tools (nothing against Twitter, I love it, just not for my company as a mission critical app). Mark, your reference to the PeopleSoft integration is an important one – it's close to becoming a "legacy app" by today's standards – yet with all of the investment in PeopleSoft-like apps over the years, knowing there are avenues to keep it relevant in the company is encouraging, and a validator of enterprise 2.0 technologies that allow for it.

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