Your Most Valuable Storefront

Over half your website traffic is looking for documentation.

Documentation has historically been a cost center. Something you had to do or your customers would complain. Times have changed. Now that companies are primarily selling online, product and services documentation is strategically important because it drives lead generation and customer acquisition. This means you’ve got to deliver quality content that converts site visitors into revenue. Take note of these corporate logos.







intuit_logonovell_logoCiscoLogo emc

Those are a few MindTouch customers that have learned MindTouch powered strategic documentation drives revenue. In fact, I am hearing MindTouch powered documentation sites are the single biggest source of lead generation and site traffic. Mark Fidelman recently reported this in another blog post about our customer RightScale and their success in driving revenue with MindTouch. Furthermore, I can report that MindTouch receives 70%+ of our site traffic from organic sources and our documentation generates more than half of our overall site traffic. Over half our lead generation is driven by our documentation.

Your documentation is your storefront. Are you open for business?

What’s driving customer acquisition? SEO, quality content, customer participation and discovery. How is MindTouch uniquely suited for strategic documentation? Contact us and we’ll explain in detail and provide real world customer stats. If you’re like me, and prefer instant gratification, here are some high level points commonly cited by MindTouch customers.

Content Authoring and Capture

  1. Easy to use WYSIWYG authoring
  2. Automated content creation from product APIs
  3. Dynamic publishing from common systems such as support ticketing, CRM, databases and desktop applications

Content Discovery

  1. Open standards
  2. Powerful integrated search
  3. APIs make content from MindTouch portable and able to be published to many places
  4. Integrated scripting makes it easy for non-programmers to create useful visualizations and navigations of content

Content Curation

This is a critically important component as your documentation begins to scale. The easiest way to explain this is to give you an example. Mozilla wants to do a site wide push on HTML5. How do they know what coverage they have on this topic? What’s the quality? The health? Who’s contributed, who should contribute…? You’ll see more and more of this coming from MindTouch in the product releases this year. In particular, this is a key capability coming to market in MindTouch Technical Communications Suite (TCS).

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  1. Looking forward to MT 2010! Specifically interested in:
    - Automated content creation from product APIs
    - Content Curation

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