MindTouch Announces Availability of Social Documentation Solution


Toolset Engages Communities around Web-based Documentation and Technical Content

SAN DIEGO, Calif., September 24, 2010 — MindTouch, the company that transforms great work into strategic content, today announced the availability of the MindTouch Social Documentation Solution – a toolset of easy to deploy, easy to use, and highly engaging tools for successfully launching a turnkey documentation community in minutes.

The MindTouch Social Documentation Solution (SDS) is an integrated authoring, publishing and community engagement environment, which includes a highly specialized set of technologies such as the MindTouch Intelligent Documentation Framework, Curation Analytics, Adaptive Search and Community Content Moderation.

See what the market has to say about our SDS launch! Visit the MindTouch Blog to check out what some of the industry’s most respected voices say about SDS.

MindTouch SDS has already been remarkably successful for MindTouch customers, including: CompleteGuides.net, ExactTarget, RightScale, and Intuit. Benefits are often immediate and always significant. For example, the recently launched Complete Android Guide (eBook, iPad app, and community) was an instant success that was authored, published, and launched entirely with the MindTouch Technical Communication Suite. This young company achieved amazing success within just the first 48 hours of release, success metrics included:

  • Over 800 copies of the eBook and iPad app sold, growing to over twice this number in the first week alone
  • Supported over 20,000 unique daily visitors to the MindTouch powered site
  • Received and managed hundreds of post launch community contributions, to be used in future versions of the CompleteGuide for Android
  • An impressive wave of social mentions: Over 500 Twitter mentions, 70 blog posts.

MindTouch SDS is an effective community engagement platform that creates social documentation communities with intuitive editing and publishing. It’s scalable to millions of visitors, and encourages community contributions with varying layers of moderation or workflow.

“We’re excited to continue building upon our earlier breakthroughs in the technical communications space,” said Aaron Fulkerson, CEO and co-founder of MindTouch. “The documentation market has been starved for innovation for over a decade, forced to choose from pre-internet desktop tools which provide little or no online presence. MindTouch is making this market relevant again, providing a toolset for the modern technical communicator that layers community and social features atop collaborative authoring, which can also be used alongside traditional desktop authoring products.” 

The majority of businesses are increasingly relying on the Web as their primary sales channel. Online documentation has proven to be an effective way to increase new customer acquisition, shorten sales cycles and even lower support costs. Technical documentation has become a strategic tool for marketing teams, community managers, user assistance teams, and product evangelists. MindTouch SDS is an elegant toolset for these users. It is the foundation with which MindTouch launches turnkey solutions that can include branding, forums, question and answer, blogging, social profiles and badges. 


The MindTouch Social Documentation Solution is available today. It is sold on a per author basis and is priced aggressively in comparison to existing desktop tools. The purchase price also include unlimited community commenting. To purchase your license for the MindTouch Technical Communication Suite today please contact MindTouch.

For more information about MindTouch please visit: http://www.mindtouch.com/


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