Repurposing the CCMS (SDL Trisoft, IXIAsoft), a “How-to” [TOOLKIT]

MindTouch worked with the Gilbane Group, some of our customers, the Society for Technical Communicators and several industry experts to develop a toolkit that provides a “how-to” for repurposing Componentized Content Management Systems (CCMS’s) by adding a social publishing layer. This benefits your customers in profound and measurable ways. If you care about your users, you need this toolkit.publishing-flow2

CCMS’s like SDL Trisoft and IXIAsoft have proven their value to the market by lowering the costs associated with producing, maintaining and translating content. However, MindTouch customers, companies like Autodesk, Paypal, Intuit and hundreds of others, have been proving that this content can be used to create the foundation of a social learning community that increases top line revenues and improves the quality of end user support.

Adding a social layer to your CCMS

Customer support expectations are higher than ever. Adding a social publishing endpoint to your documentation delivers on the needs and demands of your users. Creating a social learning environment with your product documentation as the foundation increases customer satisfaction scores, decreasing mean times to response, lowers support costs and drives qualified website traffic. We provide evidence of this in the CCMS toolkit. MindTouch has been proving the strategic value of help and product content to the market for years with a long list of ecstatic customers; some of which have even won awards with their use ofhug MindTouch.

CCMS deployments are not cheap. If you’re primary publishing medium is static (HTML and PDF) you need this toolkit. This toolkit isn’t for you, it’s for your users.

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>>Download the Socializing your CCMS toolkit