Leveraging Contextual Help to Increase User Adoption Rates

Providing top-notch customer support doesn’t have to involve lengthy back-and-forth calls with your users.  It can be much easier. In fact, bad product documentation could be hurting your customer retention. Studies show that customers often drop a company if they feel their questions aren’t answered satisfactorily the first time they call support.  So, it’s more important than ever to consider seriously whether your product documentation is actually proving useful.

Documentation to Improve Customer Experience

The experience of trying to find answers to their questions can be incredibly frustrating for users.  Their level of frustration rises when the only product help available doesn’t really answer those questions or if they have to search a variety of sites and sources to find the right answer. If you don’t provide them with proper documentation, you’re essentially telling them that their time is worthless:  they will be forced to jump through hoops to find solutions to their problems.

Contextual_HelpContextual Help, in contrast, takes your documentation straight to your Web applications. allowing your users to access the information they want easily. Instead of relegating them to the call center queue or to messy Q&A forums, your customers find what they need with just the click of a button and solve their problems without leaving the context of your products. Additionally, they can send feedback on the information they received, so you will get quick feedback on whether they found truly helpful answers to their questions.

Making Your Users ExpertsContextHelp1

Using an F1-style Contextual Help system gives users immediate access to the support they need.  This system will educate them far more quickly than any support call or forum could. Users can search your documentation right from the application, and if they don’t find their answers, they can either click a button that says they didn’t find what they were looking for or leave more detailed comments under a separate tab. When your documentation is better, users are able to provide more comprehensive feedback.  Their feedback, in turn, will help you to improve your applications through increased data and insights into users experiences with your system.

Documentation Driving Product Adoption

The last thing you want is for users to have a negative experience when they attempt to deploy your applications.  You don’t want them to become frustrated with the fact that they can’t find sufficient support documentation, and therefore abandoning your product. Contextual Help provides your users with a rich, social help experience.  With useful help directions, users are more likely to adopt your product.  At the same time, their responses will give you a better idea of what they want and need. In addition to making the customer happier because he can access the information he needs right away, Contextual Help will also increase customer engagement with your product documentation.

If you’re interested in adding a contextual help system to your Web application—because you love your users like we–MindTouch makes it really easy. You can be up and running in a few minutes. Here’s the help article that explains it all.