Creating a Social Web Help and Product Experience: Snapping onto Astoria, DocZone, SDL Trisoft and IXIAsoft

Today MindTouch announced new product capabilities for enhancing CMS and CCMS vendors like Astoria, DocZone, SDL LiveContent, Trisoft and IXIAsoft.

Better customer help, happier customers.
Socialize existing publishing pipelines.
Replace PDF and static content outputs from current publishing pipelines with a social publishing endpoint.

XML and DITA based CMS’s have proven market value by decreasing the cost of authoring, maintaining and translating content. While powerful in lowering costs, CCMS platforms are publishing value laden content into obsolete pre-Web formats such as PDFs, static HTML and first generation knowledgebases.

End users’ expectations are higher than ever. Twenty year old static formats are still the primary mediums used today and these fail to meet the needs of end users. Recent studies (Greenfield Online, Datamonitor, Ovum Analysts and Genesys) estimate the failure to meet customers’ support needs is the publishing-flow3primary cause of customer churn and this creates as much as $83 billion of annual losses caused by product abandonment.

Companies like Autodesk, Paypal, Intuit and others, have turned to MindTouch. As of this week, MindTouch now enhances CCMS investments by creating a publishing end point that offers users a social, collaborative and analytics rich environment for end users. Now, CCMS’s can create revenue and customer engagement.

Specifically this means that in seconds CMS and CCMS users can now publish tens of thousands of their product and knowledgebase articles into a MindTouch powered social help center. Hierarchies, cross-link references, image and page formats are maintained and/or created in real-time. Content is automatically organized by tags, metadata and hierarchy. Content is indexed by a powerful search tool. Users are accelerated to expertise with auto-related topics, tutorials, videos and livecontent from support ticketing. A variety of feedback mechanisms encourage customer engagement. Furthermore, behavioral analytics inform livecontent, product, sales and marketing strategy corporate wide.

doc2Early on, in an effort to help define the new product capabilities we collaborated with the Gilbane Group, the Society for Technical Communicators (STC), customers and several industry experts. We took our research from this collaboration and informed the product, but also we developed a toolkit that provides a “how-to” for repurposing Componentized Content Management Systems (CCMS’s) by adding a social publishing layer. Download the Socializing your CCMS toolkit.