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The 400 Most Influential in #Techcomm and #ContentStrategy

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  1. @tomjohnson
    Insider score: 256
    Technical writer, blogger, podcaster in Salt Lake City, Utah
  2. @sarahokeefe
    Insider score: 237
    Principal at, XML strategist, cook, occasional kayaker, terrible quilter
  3. @techcommdood
    Insider score: 226
    Technical communication, content strategy, content management, technical writing… There’s so much more I could list. I’m all about technical communication.
  4. @rjacquez
    Insider score: 225
    Former Adobe Senior Evangelist. Writing an eBook on what I learned at Adobe. Social Media Enthusiast. Loving the mobile revolution, #eLearning & #mLearning.
  5. @stc_org
    Insider score: 214
    Society for Technical Communication
  6. @annegentle
    Insider score: 211
    Author of Conversation and Community: the Social Web for Documentation. I’m a writing fiend, technical geek, community doc nut, + Content Stacker for OpenStack.
  7. @ellispratt
    Insider score: 201
    Locator of Technical Authors, software Help strategist & Director at Cherryleaf: helping technology companies gain a competitive advantage via user assistance
  8. @dfarb
    Insider score: 201
    Tech writer, info designer, content [strategy|management|whatever] malcontent #techcomm, #informationdesign, #contentstrategy, and I’ve a pain in all my diodes
  9. @CharJTF
    Insider score: 199
    Help author, writer/editor, content strategist, website hosting and design, accessibility advocate, mom. Available for contracts/consulting.
  10. @arh
    Insider score: 199
    Technical publishing consultant and trainer;Vice President, Society for Technical Communication

  11. @WritingTechDocs
    Insider score: 197
    I deliver onsite technical writing training seminars. It is focused on groups who write technical documents, technical reports, and policies and procedures.
  12. @robocolumn
    Insider score: 178
    Senior Technical Writer and Adobe RoboHelp Server / Technical Communication Suite user. Interested in technical communication trends.
  13. @afox98
    Insider score: 176
    Mother of 2 boys, tech comm manager at software company, likes books, coffee, laughing, shopping, dogs, and good manners. Candidate for STC Secretary, 2012.
  14. @ihearttechdocs
    Insider score: 176
    Technical Writing Tips, Tools & Templates
  15. @WritersUA
    Insider score: 173
    Training and Information for Software User Assistance Professionals
  16. @cfidurauk
    Insider score: 171
    EMEA Marketing Manager for Adobe eLearning and Technical Communication Suites. Former Technical Writer. Full-time rock & roll chick.
  17. @onemanwrites
    Insider score: 171
    Technical Information Manager with Sword Ciboodle
  18. @sharonburton
    Insider score: 164
    Content strategist, helping companies increase the value of their business content. Also knitter, mom, writer, and other interesting stuff.
  19. @larry_kunz
    Insider score: 164
    Senior Information Developer/Project Manager, SDI Global Solutions; Fellow, Society for Technical Communication (STC)
  20. @tmaldous
    Insider score: 163
    Director – TechCom Business Development and EvangelismAdobe Systems, Inc.

    Manage Adobe TechComm Development Managers and Product Evangelist.

  21. @kemulholland
    Insider score: 156
    Technical writer, consultant, one stop tech pubs shop
  22. @tclibrary
    Insider score: 154
    A free, open-access categorized index of over 21,400 works available online for professional and technical communicators (such as technical writers).
  23. @JohnHedtke
    Insider score: 153
    Author of 27 books, freelance writer, speaker. I like sleeping in and serial commas.
  24. @techcom
    Insider score: 151
    Exploring the world of web application development, content creation for the mobile web, rich media, and the basic writing, illustration, music, and video.
  25. @TechComms
    Insider score: 151
    Latest technical communication news!
  26. @techwriterme
    Insider score: 151
    Technical Writer working in Salt Lake City, Utah. UA / UX #techcomm Founder of the Association of Technical Communicators. #atcomm
  27. @kmdk
    Insider score: 151
    Geeky, nerdy, webgrrl, technical communicator (a11y, UX, CS) – mostly just me – and occasionally in Danish.
  28. @JackMolisani
    Insider score: 149
    Exec Dir, The LavaCon Conference on Digital Media and Content Strategies
  29. @BillAlbing
    Insider score: 148
    Information architect at; co-founder of; innovator in communicating complicated content over the Web.
  30. @bphuettner
    Insider score: 147
    Technical writer, manager, trainer, speaker, communicator, consultant, author. Based in Tucson, but working in the virtual world.
  31. @technicalwriter
    Insider score: 146
    Fortune 500 technical writer and a movie fan. Technical documentation and communication expert.
  32. @mattrsullivan
    Insider score: 146
    Husband, dad, single sourcing and technical communication resource. If you decide to follow me, please @ me to say Hi.
  33. @rjhoughton
    Insider score: 146
    Technical writer, photographer, STC senior member, STC Secretary for 2010-2012.
  34. @juliov27612
    Insider score: 145
    Information Architect and DITA advocate at SDI. Author of Practical DITA.
  35. @STC_Summit
    Insider score: 145
    Society for Technical Communication, Annual International Conference,
  36. @jmswisher
    Insider score: 143
    Technical writer for Mozilla, interested in open source software and docs, open web technologies, content strategy, user experience, etc.
  37. @stcaccess
    Insider score: 143
    Tweets from the SIG (Karen and Cyn) about accessibility issues for technical communicators, spiced with dashes of usability and other goodies.
  38. @STCSoCal
    Insider score: 143
    San Diego and Orange County STC Chapter meeting and workshop info, plus other techcomm-related tips and events. Maintained by @lancerobert.
  39. @sue_sd
    Insider score: 142
    Online help author (info dev at Symantec). Passionate about indexing. Loved by my cat. Vegetarian but passionate about food. Concerned about the environment.
  40. @mwrk
    Insider score: 142
    Freelance techcomm pro with obsessive need for variety. Wordstuff, webstuff, computerstuff. My personal Twitter account is @katnagel.
  41. @benwoelk
    Insider score: 141
    Infosec Communicator, Trainer, Policy Analyst at RIT. Past Prez STC Rochester. EDUCAUSE A&T co-chair. Community builder applying Web 2.0 to security awareness.
  42. @scriptorium
    Insider score: 140
    Broadcast-only account for Scriptorium Publishing. Contributors include @sarahokeefe, @alanpringle, and others. Follows only other corporates.
  43. @paharvey
    Insider score: 140
    Technical communicator and recent grad school graduate. About to be a new mom.
  44. @richmaggiani
    Insider score: 138
    Enabling companies to leverage their ROI through simple, clear communication.
  45. @dmnguys
    Insider score: 137
    We’re Aaron Davis and Scott Nesbitt: flexible & creative communicators / consultants / bloggers / podcasters / presenters.
  46. @xrmxrm
    Insider score: 137
    Technical communicator specializing in documentation for programmers — APIs, web services, programmer guides. IEEE Micro columnist.Photo by Patrick Lufkin

  47. @samarthav
    Insider score: 136
    Content and Community Lead at Adobe Systems; document LiveCycle primarily. Also a bilingual poet and keen follower of technology trends.
  48. @2moroDocs
    Insider score: 135
    Community Manager 4 2moroDocs: tech writing, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress. By Julie Norris, Tailored Thoughts. Moderator of #tcchat.
  49. @richardhamilton
    Insider score: 135
    Publisher of books on Technical communication, XML and Web 2.0 Author of Managing Writers: A Real World Guide to Managing Technical Documentation.
  50. @lindaurban
    Insider score: 135
    Design and develop technical (and not-so-technical) information and instruction. Writer, info architect, instructor…and multitudes of related hats.
  51. @stcchicago
    Insider score: 133
    Chicago Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication.
  52. @sarahmaddox
    Insider score: 133
    Technical writer at Atlassian.
  53. @cherimullins
    Insider score: 133
    Writer. Educator. Content strategist. Theology school admin. Searching at the intersections of technology, culture, & language; globalization; and urbanization.
  54. @cybertext
    Insider score: 132
    Technical writing, editing, and documentation services.
  55. @kirstyt
    Insider score: 132
    Content & Translation Manager, Mama, Scrapbooker, Reader.
  56. @alanjporter
    Insider score: 132
    Writer of stuff . Books, comics, articles, and the occasional online ramble.
  57. @WorkingWriter
    Insider score: 130
    Author, openSUSE Linux Unleashed & WordPress in Depth.
  58. @Paul_UserAid
    Insider score: 129
    Software information development, usability, and graphic design professional.
  59. @Arroxane
    Insider score: 128
    Technical writer, bibliophile, linguaphile, technophile, proud mommy & much more.
  60. @gryphmount
    Insider score: 126
    Writer by day and night; sometimes technical, sometimes not so much.
  61. @docguy
    Insider score: 126
    A technical writer and certified Flare trainer, working in the trenches, cranking out help systems, guides, and whatever else is needed.
  62. @willsansbury
    Insider score: 125
    Agile UX design manager making web apps for nonprofits. Dad to three, husband to @salaughs. Tweets are my thoughts and represent me alone.
  63. @arnoldburian
    Insider score: 125
    Founder of Technical Writing World, the social network for technical communicators.
  64. @ricksapir
    Insider score: 125
    End-user advocate, tech-savvy communicator, open source contributor, and published author. Learn more at
  65. @ATC_intl
    Insider score: 125
    Tweets from the Association of Technical Communicators #atcomm.
  66. @nandinizg
    Insider score: 124
    Content and Community Manager at Adobe. Views expressed here are my own.
  67. @jasonanichols
    Insider score: 123
    Technical Writer and Trainer at ReadSoft.
  68. @jwelinske
    Insider score: 123
    Personal musings. Bleeding heart liberal, tucked under the left wing and a card carrying supporter of the ACLU. For my work stuff,
  69. @techwriterkai
    Insider score: 121
    Passionate about #techcomm to make users excel and look good.
  70. @stc_te_sig
    Insider score: 119
    Providing editing resources and leadership for STC members who want to learn more about technical editing.
  71. @writingassist
    Insider score: 118
    WAI is a leading staffing company for technical writers, copywriters, instructional designers, medical writers, illustrators and more.
  72. @Thomas_Smithy
    Insider score: 118
    Working for SDL, hoping to help the world communicate. Interested in language, grammar, making tech comms more interesting & demystifying XML and DITA.
  73. @vinokoor
    Insider score: 118
    Technical Writer | EMC RecoverPoint | User Experience Design | Project Management | Social Media | Israel | Married with children | Tweets my own
  74. @TOTechWriter
    Insider score: 117
    Providing technical writing job postings and other links of interest. Separating my professional tweeting from personal and semi-political tweeting.
  75. @etechwriter
    Insider score: 117
    Consultant with @Dell. Write about big data/cloud + musician, photographer, techno-geek, blogger. Opinions = MINE. Who else’s would they be?
  76. @MarilynSRogers
    Insider score: 116
    Digital Marketing Pro, Tech Geek, Dressage Enthusiast, and Fitness & Cycling Nut.
  77. @EdMarshall
    Insider score: 116
    Consultant technical writer specializing in developers documentation: APIs, SDKs, Web Services, etc. Free-lance bass player (classical, jazz, etc).
  78. @tesmith
    Insider score: 116
    Love my bunnies, coffee, & hanging with friends. Geek stuff: STC Carolina past prez, RTP DITA User Group, FrameMaker ACE, training, Acrobat.
  79. @mojoneill
    Insider score: 115
    Writer, reader, former teacher. Interested in creativity, innovation and quality in software development, product identity, and communications.
  80. @rachelhpeters
    Insider score: 115
    UX, tech comm, content strategy. I like helping people get the most out of the tools they’re using.
  81. @Ninety7
    Insider score: 114
    Dad x 4, husband, den leader, coach, designer, writer, talker, planner, Christ follower, reader, gamer, geek, Gooner. Tired.
  82. @4JsGroup
    Insider score: 113
    Technical & Business Communications – Applied Creativity to Help You Grow Your Business from @alanjporter
  83. @stceusig
    Insider score: 113
    The Twitter home for the STC Europe SIG where we’ll tweet technical communication news for Europe!
  84. @texaswriter
    Insider score: 112
    Professional writer at NetIQ, NASA groupie, IT fan, Houston digerati (digeratum?).
  85. @Tech_Writing
    Insider score: 112
    Senior Technical Writer specializing in storage software and hardware.
  86. @Kristil
    Insider score: 111
    User assistance, UX, content testing, NVC, running, singing. Transmutation of clichés and sublimation of expected language. MDes/MBA student @illinoistech.
  87. @barriebyron
    Insider score: 110
    Innovative technical writer with quality and fun as key ingredients. Virtual worker, Toastmaster, optimist, intrepid adventurer, mentor.
  88. @stc_rochester
    Insider score: 110
    2010 Community of Excellence, 2010 Pacesetter Award, 2010-11 Chapter Renewal Challenge Winner. Working hard for our members. Join us on LinkedIn, FB, mySTC.
  89. @LavaCon
    Insider score: 110
    The LavaCon Conference on Digital Media and Content StrategiesNov 13–16, 2011, Austin, TX

    LavaCon 2011: Developing Content for a Global Audience

  90. @stcwdc
    Insider score: 110
    Washington, DC – Metro Baltimore Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC).
  91. @helpstuff
    Insider score: 109
    Tweets about HATs, online Help, user assistance, web semantics and standards, accessibility, and more by Char James-Tanny (@charjtf).
  92. @TC_Chat
    Insider score: 109
    Weekly chat for tech communication: #tcchat. Moderator: Julie Norris @2morodocs. Chats: Weds 9am (S1) & 6pm (S2) PDT. S2 is Thurs in some parts of the world.
  93. @MadCapMike
    Insider score: 108
    V.P. Product Management at MadCap Software.
  94. @MikeStarrWriter
    Insider score: 106
    Senior-level technical writer, Word template developer, help author, WordPress guy.
  95. @robertwlevy
    Insider score: 105
    Professional writer, tech communicator, blogger. Plus, I’ve been told I have nice legs.
  96. @StubbornlyWrite
    Insider score: 104
    Don’t blame me; it was like that when I got here.
  97. @STC_Austin
    Insider score: 103
    STC is an individual membership organization dedicated to advancing the arts and sciences of technical communication.
  98. @davidwagUA
    Insider score: 103
    Content Strategist, Symantec. (opinions, etc., are my own.) UA/Help design, CMS, XSL, technical writing, training, mobile. (Humor stream: @dwaghalter).
  99. @ermphd
    Insider score: 102
    Boomer geek turned Instructional Designer seeking new ways to eTeach Broad background in Psychology, IT, Tech Comm, Teaching, Data Base & Web Development.
  100. @nozurbina
    Insider score: 101
    Content Process, Content Management, DITA, and XML consultant/trainer.
  101. @plaindocs
    Insider score: 101
    Freelance technical writer, looking for contacts, knowledge and jobs.
  102. @lrmeyer747
    Insider score: 100
    Technical writer, help and web developer, cat mom, amateur U.S. historian, tech communication blogger (
  103. @AndreaJWenger
    Insider score: 100
    Professional writer: technical, freelance, creative. President, STC Carolina Chapter. Member of TAF and HCRW.
  104. @stc_carolina
    Insider score: 99
    The Carolina chapter of STC. Serving the members throughout the Carolinas, including the Triangle (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) and Foothills region.
  105. @debbiedocs
    Insider score: 99
    Documentation manager, information architect, usability specialist and consummate problem solver.
  106. @edmarsh
    Insider score: 98
    I write software documentation. You don’t read it. That’s why I drink and occasionally brew beer.
  107. @stcukandi
    Insider score: 98
    STC UK & Ireland Chapter.
  108. @rahulprabhakar
    Insider score: 98
    A Koreared technical writer.
  109. @STCAlberta
    Insider score: 96
    Representing the Society for Technical Communication in AB, SK & NWT in Canada. Join us! Contact [email protected]
  110. @paulcbrady
    Insider score: 96
    Writer/Trainer with expertise in tools & technology, including: Linux, Collaborative authoring, CMS, etc. Father to a beautiful girl and handsome boy w/Autism.
  111. @WritePoint
    Insider score: 96
    WritePoint Ltd. is a leading tech. writing company, offering courses and more.
  112. @captivatoos
    Insider score: 96
    Technical writer and eLearning professional.
  113. @vcsujith
    Insider score: 95
    Technical Writer, Tech Enthusiast, Gunner, Movie Buff. Interests include XML/DITA, Content Management, UX, Cloud Computing & Football.
  114. @shoshanak
    Insider score: 95
    Creative tech solutions, Technical Writing, Training, Publisher.
  115. @liz_j
    Insider score: 95
    Technical Writer, Traveller, Wanderer, Book lover.
  116. @MindTouch
    Insider score: 94
    We’re fighting for the user by helping tech companies deliver exceptional product help and documentation experiences. Millions use our software every day.
  117. @NeilEric
    Insider score: 93
    Certified consultant, trainer, developer for mobile, online help and doc in Flare, RoboHelp, Captivate, Mimic, MobiFlexAmateur astronomer

    Southern BBQ cook

  118. @RayGallon
    Insider score: 93
    Technical information designer and sound artist, pianist, former radio producer (CBC, NPR, France Culture), hiker, gardener.
  119. @cseftekhar
    Insider score: 93
    Technical writer working in the Raleigh, NC area. Interested in getting involved in all the aspects of technical and professional communication.
  120. @alanpringle
    Insider score: 92
    Director at Publishing, writing, editing, consulting, eating & bargain hunting.
  121. @petergrainge
    Insider score: 91
    Day job is Documentation Manager with Advanced Business Solutions. Night shift is RoboHelp forum and my site.
  122. @viqui_dill
    Insider score: 91
    Technical writer, wife and mom, bass player, worship leader, I’m happiest when folks sing along with me.
  123. @whitneyq
    Insider score: 90
    UX | plain language | usability | user research | storytelling:
  124. @vishgupt
    Insider score: 90
    I write ADEP and LiveCycle installation documents at Adobe. I am an elearning fan and a tech enthusiast. I tweet about technology, Adobe products, and life!
  125. @davkow
    Insider score: 89
    Technical writer for NEC (
  126. @coffeethenwrite
    Insider score: 88
    I’m an Information Developer for HP. I started the HP_UX_Docs twitter account in 2009.
  127. @maxwellhoffmann
    Insider score: 88
    Adobe Community Professional on FrameMaker, Content Strategist, Writer, Sales/Marketing, Global SEO/SEM, Translate, L10n, G11n, XML/DITA Mgr at @GPITranslates
  128. @STCBoston
    Insider score: 88
    STC Boston Chapter Twitter Site.
  129. @slagreca
    Insider score: 87
    IT Analyst & Tech Writer.
  130. @stc1ssig
    Insider score: 87
    A special interest group of the Society for Technical Communication devoted to Single Sourcing tools and practices.
  131. @therockleygroup
    Insider score: 87
    The Rockley Group are world leaders in the development and implementation of content management strategies and intelligent content solutions.
  132. @ercanbrack
    Insider score: 86
    I’m a tech communicator and open source advocate who also happens to be a musician. I love books, music, movies, and my family.
  133. @Esotericabjg
    Insider score: 86
    Goddess of Usable Documentation.
  134. @afdujardin
    Insider score: 85
    Senior Lecturer supporting MA students in Online, Technical and Corporate Communication. Doing a PhD on social media and academic literacies. Views are my own.
  135. @simonbate
    Insider score: 85
    Lyric tenor. Foodie. Star gazer. Bird watcher. Toolsmith. Wordsmith.
  136. @Flacke
    Insider score: 85
    Technical Documentation-minimalism-usability-structured doc-Aeronautics-IT-Pharma-MedicalDevice-EN-FR-DE-Bid/RFP writer+Technical Comm course developer-DITA
  137. @STCHouston
    Insider score: 84
    STC Houston provides networking, employment, volunteer, and educational opportunities to Technical Communicators.
  138. @notjustwriting
    Insider score: 84
    Technical Writing, Web Content, e-Learning, Voice-overs.
  139. @evanarsdall
    Insider score: 84
    Consultant: content strategy, technical writing/editing, user assistance, and learning solutions.
  140. @vkosterlenhardt
    Insider score: 84
    Thought leader, corporate communicator, technical writer, journalist, ex-pat. The New York Times, The Hearst Corporation, The Coca-Cola Company. STC Fellow.
  141. @LoneWriterSIG
    Insider score: 83
    The STC community for lone technical writers in all industries.
  142. @hypertexas
    Insider score: 83
    Adobe Certified RoboHelp and Adobe Captivate training.
  143. @techwriter09
    Insider score: 82
    Techwriter/Anthropologist/Gamer/Husband/, working for a Software Company.
  144. @CrowInfoDesign
    Insider score: 81
    Software help systems. Software training programs and elearning. Screencasts. Webinars. Ebooks. And lots of laughs.
  145. @verbolixity
    Insider score: 81
    Journalism grad turned freelance technical writer and editor seeks opportunities to wreak order and consistency on documentation (and make a living doing it).
  146. @Holly_Harkness
    Insider score: 80
    technical communicator
  147. @ahood50
    Insider score: 79
    MS in Technical Comunication from SPSU. Technical writer since 1996. Adjunct professor at SPSU.
  148. @STC_SVC
    Insider score: 79
    Silicon Valley chapter of STC (Society for Technical Communication).
  149. @stccwc
    Insider score: 78
    We are a virtual community of the STC, a worldwide association dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practice of technical communication.
  150. @barbbinder
    Insider score: 78
    Adobe Certified Instructor on FrameMaker, InDesign, InCopy, Photoshop, Illustrator & Acrobat X. Adobe CS5 Design Master, and a Top-5 Ranked Adobe Instructor.
  151. @citipotts
    Insider score: 78
    Software usability manager, customer experience strategist, online customer care specialist:
  152. @itauthor
    Insider score: 78
    Husband, father, son, brother, technical writer and occasional podcaster.
  153. @webworks_com
    Insider score: 78
    Home of ePublisher from, a brand of Quadralay Corporation.
  154. @alicejanee
    Insider score: 78
    Writer. Editor. Curmudgeon. Kidding. Maybe.
  155. @MDespres
    Insider score: 77
    Dream job: forensic linguist/book editor. Enjoy being a tech writer/editor. Joy = books, movies, music, baseball, wine, being outside.
  156. @mollye
    Insider score: 76
    Long-time technical writer and content management consultant.
  157. @stcuux
    Insider score: 76
    Usability and User Experience community of the Society for Technical Communication ( Design and testing resources, UX/UI book discussions, newsletter.
  158. @ywsanchez
    Insider score: 76
    Award-winning technical writer, instructional designer, and elearning developer. M.Ed (with emphasis on Adult and Distance Learning).
  159. @sdtacker
    Insider score: 74
    Texas writer, director of information development for a software company. Grad student in Bentley University’s Human Factors in Information Design program.
  160. @erinmweber
    Insider score: 74
    English prof, Tech Writer, Scrabble Player, Mom, Wife, etc.
  161. @landesc
    Insider score: 74
    I’m a freelance technical, marketing, and travel writer. Passionate about hiking, photography, music (jazz/folk/classical/classic rock), kayaking, and quilting.
  162. @lifewingmate
    Insider score: 74
    VP-STC Austin, Information Developer, Content Strategist, Tech Comm Professional. Examining ways to work, design, and communicate smarter.
  163. @pohland
    Insider score: 73
    Director of Publications for the Society for Technical Communication; editor of Intercom magazine; PhD student at Texas Tech University.
  164. @STC_TO
    Insider score: 73
    The Toronto community of the Society for Technical Communication.
  165. @AndrayaJGeorge
    Insider score: 72
    IconLogic’s Lead Technical Writer. Author of PowerPoint 2007: The Essentials & PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac: The Essentials.
  166. @PearsonTechComm
    Insider score: 71
    TechComm consultant / contractor; freelance / fiction writer, racer, map-lover, ‘anal-retentive creative’.
  167. @joesilber
    Insider score: 71
    Writer of technical documentation, fiction, and poetry residing in the Netherlands.
  168. @rpin42
    Insider score: 71
    Content strategy, technical writing, and technology.
  169. @JBrockmann
    Insider score: 71
    Adjunct Professor at ACC. Founder of @TheWriteCauseTX. Social Media Addict. Wannabe Chef. Nonprofit Supporter. Tea drinker. Earth lover.
  170. @Mitch_Willis
    Insider score: 70
    Instructional Design.
  171. @TCUK_conf
    Insider score: 69
    Technical Communication UK conference for technical communicators, technical authors, information designers, technical editors, documentation project managers.
  172. @judithherr
    Insider score: 69
    Writer, communicator, editor. Lived East,West, North South U.S.; Europe, Asia.
  173. @emquigley
    Insider score: 69
    Technical writer and communicator in Unified Communications, Telecoms industry.
  174. @seanb_us
    Insider score: 68
  175. @caleychameleon
    Insider score: 67
    Bespoke IT Trainer & Documentation specialist. Working with clients to make the complex simple.
  176. @techwritertoday
    Insider score: 67
    Online Magazine providing information, networking and knowledge for Technical Writers.
  177. @hrinke
    Insider score: 65
    Graphic and technical communicator, project manager, photography newbie, volleyball, football and yoga junkie. These perceptions/opinions/thoughts are my own.
  178. @bshermcincy
    Insider score: 65
    Instructional Design and Delivery consultant. Photographer Wannabe. Father. Urban resident. Tech Writer @ Pseudo-Foodie @
  179. @tompsk
    Insider score: 65
    Husband, technical communicator, eLearning developer, Music Lover, Video Gamer, Cat Owned.
  180. @DavidAKnopf
    Insider score: 65
    Solutions for learning, user assistance, and many other kinds of communication.
  181. @BkwdGreenComet
    Insider score: 64
    California local history author, researcher, tour guide. Observes #techcomm from safe distance. Also tweets #tech #web #infosec #politics #money #science.
  182. @PattyBlount2
    Insider score: 63
    Technical writer/instructor for CA Technologies. My tweets are my own and do not reflect the opinion of my employer. See blog:
  183. @STCTweety
    Insider score: 63
  184. @intextwriting
    Insider score: 63
    Writing consultant for small businesses. Technical communications and content writing for companies that expect their materials to live up to their names.
  185. @STC_Steve
    Insider score: 63
    Director of Community Relations for the Society for Technical Communication.
  186. @rebyaakov
    Insider score: 63
    Technical Writer and XML Authoring Enthusiast.
  187. @stc_itc_sig
    Insider score: 62
    Please see our newsletter online:

  188. @xmlpress
    Insider score: 62
    Publications for Technical Communicators who use XML, Social Media, and other Web 2.0 technologies.
  189. @cklinger
    Insider score: 61
    Technical writer who cares about the people who read her stuff. Mom, wife, volunteer extraordinaire.
  190. @krug95
    Insider score: 61
    Southern Californian technical writer expat in Paris. I talk a lot about shoes & hair and occasionally about non-serious stuff too.
  191. @cebrouillard
    Insider score: 61
  192. @daqy
    Insider score: 60
    Learning, writing, testing, programming, consulting. And having fun doing all that.
  193. @TechWriteIT
    Insider score: 60
    Getting your message right by delivering professional & customer-focused technical writing, editing, & documentation solutions for your products & services.
  194. @STCIndiana
    Insider score: 60
    Indiana Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication.
  195. @ttustc
    Insider score: 59
    TTU STC provides an avenue for students and scholars to network academically and professionally via monthly meetings and events.
  196. @kitcomgenesis
    Insider score: 59
    Consultant, I18N, Trainer, Speaker, Content Strategist, Tech Comm, Medical/Life Science writer, working virtually.
  197. @geoffsauer
    Insider score: 58
    Associate Professor, ISU. Director, ISU Studio for New Media. Director, Owner, SNMC. Husband. Father. Webmaster. Teacher. Writer.
  198. @mrscripter
    Insider score: 58
    Information Developer, Web Developer.
  199. @UUXManager
    Insider score: 57
  200. @John_Ellam
    Insider score: 57
    Daddy, Husband, Technical Author, Project Engineer, Yorkshireman, Gamer.
  201. @wion
    Insider score: 57
    Digital content. The big picture. Clear and beautiful.
  202. @PattyBlount
    Insider score: 55
    Tech writer by day and author by night. Look for SEND, a YA coming in September, 2012 from Sourcebooks. Represented by The Ethan Ellenberg Agency.
  203. @lmardennh
    Insider score: 55
    Technical Writer, Trainer, budding web site designer, knitter, and fantastic cook.
  204. @ndench
    Insider score: 55
    Tech writer, father, husband, gamer, walker, amateur thesp, gadget lover. Not necessarily in that order.
  205. @Phil_EH
    Insider score: 54
    Technical Writer & Blogger 4 Procare Child Care Management Software. Interests: Early Childhood Ed, eLearning, Technology. Also follow @procaresoftware
  206. @ISTC_org
    Insider score: 54
    The Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators is the largest UK-based society for professional communicators.
  207. @MatthewEllison
    Insider score: 53
    Trainer and consultant in software user assistance.
  208. @EmDashProf
    Insider score: 52
    Business and technical writing professional. Adjunct professor of the same. What can I help you communicate today?
  209. @jglicksmith
    Insider score: 51
    Writer, Speaker, Change Consultant.
  210. @Professorsan
    Insider score: 51
    Educator, Writer, Gamer, Activist. Alchemist of people, communication & products. Unrepentant geek. Cyberanthropologist.
  211. @nematome
    Insider score: 49
    I’m a technical communicator. I haven’t missed a day of blogging in 7 years. I line-dance and two-step. I love my life.
  212. @susanwg
    Insider score: 48
    Looking for the next great job as API writer/doc manager/project manager – 25 yrs. experience.
  213. @smodlin
    Insider score: 48
  214. @Lilybiri
    Insider score: 48
    Passionate about e-learning, classical flute player, love travelling. Project management. Adobe Education Leader ACE Captivate 5.
  215. @vasanth_vaidya
    Insider score: 47
    Doc Manager, Tech Writer, Trainer, Scrum Master, and Past President, STC India Chapter.
  216. @feralwriter
    Insider score: 46
    Technical Writer, Doc Manager, janitor (cleaning up other folks messes), idiot (sometimes)
  217. @JK1440
    Insider score: 45
    Technical Communicator, roleplayer, amateur guitarist, geek, LD supporter. I tweet about all these and more.
  218. @SHTechWriter
    Insider score: 45
    Technical writer at Google Shanghai.
  219. @katnagel
    Insider score: 44
    This is the account for mLIFE1: Cat lover, reader, traveler, photographer, talker, walker, listener, mezzo-soprano. (LIFE2 = @mwrk; LIFE2 pays for LIFE1).
  220. @mrmwrites
    Insider score: 44
    Technical Writer, Blogger, Web Admin, Secretary – ITC SIG of STC, Secretary – STC India Chapter.
  221. @lemay
    Insider score: 44
  222. @aschwanden4stc
    Insider score: 44
    Senior STC member, past president of the Toronto community. Actively involved in supporting STC. XML, DITA, CMS consultant, vendor agnostic.
  223. @RMH40
    Insider score: 43
    Marketing manager for .NET Reflector, with a dollop of technical communications on the side.(it gets a bit NSFW in here sometimes)

  224. @karenbachmann
    Insider score: 43
    UX researcher/designer, geek, ferret fan & animal lover, student of good food, Tampa Bay Lightning fan, environmentalist, gamer, cynic/idealist.
  225. @Singlesourceror
    Insider score: 43
    Content Management Specialist/Technical Communicator/DITA Expert.
  226. @jwtecwriter
    Insider score: 42
    Technical writer based in Victoria, BC.
  227. @lrpappas
    Insider score: 42
    SAS testing geek, certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and accessibility advocate.
  228. @roseacea
    Insider score: 42
    Technical Communicator at QSR International
  229. @Roebot
    Insider score: 42
    Co-founder and CEO of MindTouch, family dude, entrepreneur and retired anarchist. Bio:
  230. @fiberartisan
    Insider score: 41
    VP Technical Committee Support at Virtual, Inc. xmlgeek. technologist by day, fiber artist by night. process goddess. apprentice web wizardress. you want more?
  231. @Anzac
    Insider score: 41
    Certified Trainer for Madcap Software.
  232. @techcommun
    Insider score: 41
    All things technical documentation and communication.
  233. @melanie_seibert
    Insider score: 41
    Documentation Supervisor at @cPanel. Local events blogger at @LarkBlog. Freelance writer & content strategist. Christian mom. Coffee enthusiast.
  234. @billtrippe
    Insider score: 41
    Publishing industry consultant and analyst.
  235. @Cath_Slo
    Insider score: 40
    Tech pubs manager, Reds fan. Opinions are mine, not that of my employer.
  236. @HelenJAbbott
    Insider score: 39
    User Communication Manager at Klocwork, Inc.
  237. @mbakeranalecta
    Insider score: 39
    President, Analecta Communications Inc.
  238. @nickrosenthal
    Insider score: 39
    Technical translator | documentation professional | Chair of ITI Council | cycle racing photography
  239. @HelpSolutions
    Insider score: 39
    Craig Clarke, Technical Writer and Consultant based in UK. Adobe Community Professional (ACP) 2011.
  240. @congility
    Insider score: 39
    Congility (formerly X-Pubs) – CCMS, DITA, Content Strategy events – The Future of Content is Agility!
  241. @alaltenburg
    Insider score: 38
    Technical writer, technical editor, proofreader, copyeditor, reviewer, researcher, documentation specialist, article writer, professional.
  242. @LugIron
    Insider score: 38
    Social media analytics platform that helps you track, measure, and quantify your social media and community building efforts. Run by @marascio and @annegentle.
  243. @alanbowman
    Insider score: 38
    Technical writer for a small web hosting company
  244. @AdobeELearning
    Insider score: 37
  245. @aparkerrichards
    Insider score: 37
    Founder of APRsolutions, STC Toronto Immediate Past President, Leadership Program Chair: STC Summit 2012, Tech Comm Prof at Seneca and George Brown Colleges
  246. @seanzdenek
    Insider score: 36
    Associate Professor of Tech Comm and Rhetoric at Texas Tech University. I teach rhetorical theory, sound studies, web accessibility, and disability/deaf studies
  247. @pdrucker
    Insider score: 36
    STC-Canada West Coast chapter prez, tech writing lead at Coast Capital, strata council secretary. Phew, it’s been a busy year.
  248. @jlangkam
    Insider score: 35
    I’ve been a technical communicator for 15 years. I write documentation for software and hardware products, using single-source authoring techniques.
  249. @jcpmoore
    Insider score: 34
    I’m a senior technical writer, an online help writer, blogger, journalist, and missionary.
  250. @ksoltys
    Insider score: 34
  251. @lindseyrobbins
    Insider score: 34
    Technical writer @Blackbaud, baker in training, total geek, workout junkie, and travel enthusiast. I live to laugh and I love to take pictures.
  252. @dsameera
    Insider score: 33
    A technical writer striving to strike the perfect balance between her love for her family and passion for her work.
  253. @alexia_idoura
    Insider score: 33
    Senior manager at Symc: Content strategy. Corporate and user gen content. Social media. Controlled language and machine translation. My tweets are my own.
  254. @heidilhansen
    Insider score: 33
    Program Manager
  255. @Wordtree
    Insider score: 33
    Copywriting, copy editing, web copy, creative old school to new school content. Wordtree helps you finish your writing projects. Tweets by Caroline.
  256. @Kinchie
    Insider score: 33
    Business owner, writer and educator living in the Phoenix metro area. I’m 30% more curious than most. Also tweet as @SocialMediaDIY and @CrowInfoDesign.
  257. @SmartAuthor
    Insider score: 32
    Freelance Technical Author
  258. @readsofttechcom
    Insider score: 32
    The Technical Communication group at ReadSoft
  259. @gallon4stc
    Insider score: 32
    Candidate for STC board, Senior member of STC, president of STC France chapter, communications lead for STC CAC, working for dynamic, international STC.
  260. @YvesBarbion
    Insider score: 32
    Technical writer | Adobe-Certified FrameMaker instructor | DITA aficionado | Managing partner of Scripto | Content strategist
  261. @cjforms
    Insider score: 32
    UX, usability, forms, surveys, content strategy, writing for the web, designing for people who do not read easily.
  262. @ua_europe
    Insider score: 30
    UA Europe focuses on software user assistance and online Help.
  263. @jackdeland
    Insider score: 30
  264. @pstrotter
    Insider score: 30
    Founder and CEO of Author-it Software Corporation, keen runner, world traveler, husband to Michelle and father of Caitlin, Josh, Connor, and Alex.
  265. @MarkHClifford
    Insider score: 29
    Owner, Clifford Sells, TC consulting, outsourcing and recruiting. Past STC president. Bi-continental.
  266. @bozoette
    Insider score: 28
    At 58, still acting like a clown.
  267. @iconlogic
    Insider score: 28
  268. @idtp
    Insider score: 28
    Documentation, Information and Technical Authoring – follow NLDITA 2010
  269. @drewylui
    Insider score: 28
    Team lead/Technical writer at Atlassian
  270. @docmentors
    Insider score: 27
    We are a technical writing and information design agency.
  271. @stcsgv
    Insider score: 27
    The San Gabriel Valley (SGV) Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC)
  272. @vallipow_writer
    Insider score: 27
    Technical Writer, Feature/Web Writer, and Instructional Designer
  273. @emcod
    Insider score: 26
    Instructional technologist, systems thinker, dad
  274. @KapilVermaAdobe
    Insider score: 26
    Sr. Product Manager, Adobe FrameMaker and FrameMaker Server
  275. @ManuPria
    Insider score: 26
    Technical Writer, Social Media Fanatic ||| ?She lives a story that no one else can live – the story of her own unique life..[Scheduled Tweets Dec19 – Dec 25]

  276. @seniortechwritr
    Insider score: 26
    Nerdy writer loving all things techy, French, DITA, XML, and Jive. Currently occupying space in the PNW, but heart is in France.
  277. @mmboise
    Insider score: 26
    Managing Director at Aquent Studios, tech comm professional, adjunct instructor, writer, runner, Idaho and CLE sports fan, Beth’s husband, and very proud dad
  278. @squidds
    Insider score: 26
    We are experts to optimize documentation workflows with FM/DITA + FINALYSER, WebWorks ePublisher, 3D PDF, PDF Forms… to Print and Online Documentation.
  279. @GHogarth
    Insider score: 25
    Writer, Thinker, Dog person, striving for a happy heart, a peaceful mind, and a playful spirit.
  280. @umpff
    Insider score: 25
    I am a Technical Communicator in Germany – if that doesn´t sound fun… 😉
  281. @slmader
    Insider score: 25
    Director, Social and Online Tools, CFA Institute, and author, Wikipatterns.
  282. @paul3di
    Insider score: 25
    MD of 3di, localization and technical communication company
  283. @DebCarrWrites
    Insider score: 25
    I am a seasoned Technical Writer, aspiring Fiction Writer, and Publicist for Writers and Artists.
  284. @martarauch
    Insider score: 25
    Content strategist and project lead interested in mobile usability, HTML5, online communities, analytics, gamification.
  285. @ktempesta
    Insider score: 24

    Most Emergent

    game developer, amateur foodie, professional Girl Scout Cookie peddler

  286. @sc_durham
    Insider score: 23
    Content strategist and information developer
  287. @rolisjain
    Insider score: 23
    Published Author, API/SDK Writer, Technical Writer, Trainer, Business Analyst, Enjoy Mentoring & share tips with Students looking for first job…
  288. @Leximation
    Insider score: 23
    Leximation provides tools and solutions for print and online publishing. FrameMaker, DITA, DITA-FMx, AIR Help, ePub…
  289. @ayyappan
    Insider score: 23
    Sr. Product Manager- Adobe Captivate, Presenter and Adobe eLearning Suite
  290. @adrianh
    Insider score: 22
    Passionate about creating great software. User Experience advocate. Agile fanatic. Testing bigot. Lean Startup convert.
  291. @rrabil
    Insider score: 22
    Technical writer, gamer, drummer, runner, grad student, creator of
  292. @gswart
    Insider score: 22
    Tech Writer, Knitter, Biker, Theatre Geek, All Around Nerd
  293. @Konstanze
    Insider score: 21
    PhD, Tech Comm, TTU; Dell Communications; interested in social media and social capital
  294. @AnaghaC
    Insider score: 21
    Professional technical writer. Amateur creative writer. Full time dreamer. But I’m not the only one.
  295. @lwelchman
    Insider score: 21
    Founding Partner, WelchmanPierpoint–helping organizations sort out very big, very messed up Web sites since 1999.
  296. @anghelides
    Insider score: 20
  297. @SigmaWritings
    Insider score: 20
    Flexible, modular framework of customized services, tailored to fit communication, marketing and training requirements.
  298. @lizfraley
    Insider score: 20
    Long time Arbortext customer, developer, and fan
  299. @ricks99
    Insider score: 19
    You know that every time I try to go where I really want to be, its already where I am, ’cause I’m already there.
  300. @lisejanody
    Insider score: 19
    20 years in content and web management–and still interested (and alive)
  301. @annies_ke
    Insider score: 19
  302. @macrofireball
    Insider score: 19
    eLearning Designer and Developer
    Adobe Captivate and eLearning Suite Developer
  303. @KMcNiff
    Insider score: 19
    Technical Writer at QSR International
  304. @mtharveyrunner
    Insider score: 18
    Husband, father, writer, runner, teacher, lifelong learner.
  305. @berrybraster
    Insider score: 18
    Controlled Language / Simplified Technical English expert.
  306. @elebelle
    Insider score: 18
  307. @learn_logic
    Insider score: 18
    Lifelong learner, instructional designer and educational technologist; plays hide and geek with creative knowledge broking solutions.
  308. @ricrice
    Insider score: 18
    Professor, bookstore owner, tree farmer
  309. @cindypao
    Insider score: 17
  310. @redakteuse
    Insider score: 17
    I’m a technical writer. And: no, it’s not boring! In real life I love music and literature and lolcats.
  311. @greyfiti
    Insider score: 17
    Career technical writer doing interesting things in interesting times
  312. @ebtowner
    Insider score: 17
    Adjunct professor of rhetoric, writing, and communication.
  313. @mlearning
    Insider score: 16
    Adjunct faculty: AZ State University, DCCCD, & Uni of Phx. Second Life Program Mgr & Lead Designer @DCCCD, e-learning designer, painter, gardener, wife & mama
  314. @janiesantoy
    Insider score: 16
    Chicana/latina mother, wife, daughter as well as rhetorician, teacher, new/social media junkie
  315. @JoyceLocke
    Insider score: 16
    Technoetic design
  316. @TrinaGr
    Insider score: 16
    Technical writer at learning about business continuity, DITA, renewable energy, rail transit, more.
  317. @SDLTechnologies
    Insider score: 16
    We help corporations drive revenue and promote brand consistency by optimizing the creation, management, translation and publishing of global content.
  318. @tao_of_grammar
    Insider score: 16
    I’m content editor and grammar blogger @ Got a grammar/writing question or comment? Pet peeve? Tweet me!
  319. @KatieStroudPro
    Insider score: 16
    I address training concerns, evaluate training effectiveness, develop eLearning, coach virtual trainers, and design learning solutions for the modern world.
  320. @gstuckey
    Insider score: 16
    Wife, mom, tech writer. Trying to understand life.
  321. @timebarrow
    Insider score: 16
    digital orator, ph.d student, professor, media designer, writer, punster, philosopher
  322. @BigDesign
    Insider score: 15
    Focusing on Strategy, UX, Content, Mobile, Gaming, Usability, and Code Development.
  323. @eduty
    Insider score: 15
  324. @johnsonla
    Insider score: 15
    Tech writer, tech junkie, runner,knitter, lover of DIY and handmade stuff, mom of two.
  325. @jeanettebrooks
    Insider score: 15
    Community manager @Articulate. Foodie. Runner. Backpacker. Wife & mom.
  326. @harrisimo
    Insider score: 15
    I’m trying to immanentize the eschaton. Why aren’t you?
  327. @lbmorley
    Insider score: 15
    I’m a technical author. But only a *technical* one.
  328. @dwarren2465
    Insider score: 14
    I read. I write. I play my drums. I am content.
  329. @Marec_
    Insider score: 14
    Technical Writer at BMW. Addicted to topics like Technical Writing, Multimedia Productions and nowadays porting documentation to mobile devices.
  330. @EndersDesign
    Insider score: 14
    Psychology instructor by day. E-Learning freelancer by night.
  331. @debstellrecht
    Insider score: 14
    I’m an information junkie, runner, line dancin’ freak, technical communicator and former Twitter hater (at least, I think ‘former’)
  332. @cherryleaf_tips
    Insider score: 13
    Technical writing tips and articles from Cherryleaf. 1 message per day. This is an automatic feed that will repeat over time. 31 messages in total.
  333. @ScribToad
    Insider score: 13
    I’m a toad who’s passionate about #technical writing. I enjoy translating and simplifying jargon for the global masses. #Content Strategy #Social Media
  334. @SridharMachani
    Insider score: 13
    Startups // UX // Docs
  335. @FARfetched58
    Insider score: 13
    Human, family guy, indie author. #FridayFlash and #TuesdaySerial regular. Weird fiction: Weirder reality: my blog.
  336. @ruchitarathi
    Insider score: 13
  337. @BetsyKentNC
    Insider score: 12
  338. @rituraju
    Insider score: 12
  339. @martinpolley
    Insider score: 12
    An interaction designer transitioning from tech writing, Brit in Israel, Johnny TV dude:
  340. @lora_arduser
    Insider score: 11
  341. @cathybettoney
    Insider score: 11
  342. @philmayor
    Insider score: 10
    I am the Education Lead for East Midlands Cancer Network. I have an interest in social networking and elearning, along with dabbling in design work
  343. @bethpoll25
    Insider score: 10
    Wannabe triathlete, information development manager, cultural and political observer, introvert, tennis fan
  344. @kvashee
    Insider score: 10
    Translation Technology, Crowdsourcing, Global Collaboration, Dreamer, Digital Sound Technology, Driving Change — Finding Passionate Work & Connection
  345. @captivatedev
    Insider score: 10
    eLearning Design and Development using Captivate
  346. @pr10n
    Insider score: 10
    Husband. Dad. Writer of short things for money, long things for fun. Enthusiastic musical wannabe.
  347. @TishaA54
    Insider score: 10
  348. @STC_SciComSIG
    Insider score: 10
    The Scientific Communication Special Interest Group cultivates excellence in scientific communication through electronic and in-person communication.
  349. @piercemr
    Insider score: 9
    Customer Engagement Mngr for TechSmith Corp., a geekdad, instructional designer, boy scout leader, and more. I make no claim to represent TechSmith.
  350. @jae_oh
    Insider score: 9
    Writing teacher and researcher with focus on trauma narratives of Rwanda’s 1994 Tutsi Genocide
  351. @joelkline
    Insider score: 9
    Professor and consultant interested in KM, Digital Media, and EMR.
  352. @fmpalinkas
    Insider score: 9
  353. @deannamascle
    Insider score: 9
    Rhetorician, Writing Project Site Director, PhD candidate
  354. @ddbeck
    Insider score: 9
    I’m a technical writer. I write (for money) stuff people would rather skip, but these tweets are on the house.
  355. @RickVSanchez
    Insider score: 9
  356. @daveyeats
    Insider score: 9
    user experience researcher, market research consultant, technical communication expert
  357. @sotoncerys
    Insider score: 8
    Nature, archaeology, Lego, and F1 fan. Psychology-ish researcher, usability guru, informatrix, photographer, newbie golfist. My views are always my own.
  358. @XMLArbyter
    Insider score: 8
    XSLrockT •
  359. @poewar
    Insider score: 8
    Technical writer, poet, blogger
  360. @gevans119
    Insider score: 8
  361. @BillRandall
    Insider score: 8
    Technical communicator and grad student exploring Linux, arachnids, and everything.
  362. @LK77449
    Insider score: 8
  363. @trickyraymer
    Insider score: 8
    Game Designer now in E-Learning. Vintage motorcycles, pinball, sushi, and science fiction… these are a few of my favorite things.
  364. @mymediahouse
    Insider score: 7
    Kyle Main works for Oxygen Education as a Graphic Developer creating interactive engaging eLearning
  365. @ProposalTips
    Insider score: 7
    Business Proposal Writing Tips
  366. @jivedocs
    Insider score: 7
    Supporting Jive users with accurate, compelling documentation. Let us know what you need!
  367. @AgaGonczarek
    Insider score: 7
    Design-focused, putting Less Is More into practice, capturing people and places by means of photographs and films. Board Member of Wratislavia Translation House
  368. @DebLockwood
    Insider score: 7
    Tehnical writer as well as Christian wife, mom, and grandma.
  369. @douglaspaulwade
    Insider score: 6
    XML/SGML Software engineer by day, photographer in the rest of the time slots. Live for caffeine, cookies, and likes and follows.
  370. @vincentwoodruff
    Insider score: 6
    I’m a nerd who likes stuff at which my wife rolls her eyes and slowly but surely I’m turning my 3 boys into nerds as well.
  371. @llirvin
    Insider score: 6
  372. @medevoto
    Insider score: 6
    Reads, writes, cooks, sings, and manages tech writers, not necessarily in order of talent or frequency.
  373. @Jayzie716
    Insider score: 6
    A(n) technical communicator, animal lover/advocate, Miami Redskin, tech junkie, wannabe chef, running/volleyball/softball/spinning lover, and art museum member.
  374. @jeffreymehr
    Insider score: 5
    technical knowledge communicator, project manager, musician
  375. @snix2010
    Insider score: 5
    Blogger & Technischer Redakteur
  376. @nikanaaa
    Insider score: 5
    Pfälzisches Schwarzwaldmädel in Bayern.
  377. @FredrikGeers
    Insider score: 5
  378. @tulikagarg
    Insider score: 5
    Computer Scientist at Adobe India.
  379. @koffinkitten
    Insider score: 4
    Twittere über alles Mögliche.
  380. @Typoze
    Insider score: 4
    Where you report errors in books
  381. @wetzelmichael
    Insider score: 4
    Expert in language tools and terminology/dictionary science. Experienced product manager large scale off-the-shelf software.Berlin,Stuttgart,Nuremberg

  382. @angellalb
    Insider score: 4
    writer tech wrtr books dogs crochet food
  383. @adobegal
    Insider score: 4
    Adobe Certified Expert, FrameMaker,Acrobat
  384. @vanOssy
    Insider score: 4
    Technical writer & xslt developer, hobby photographer, cyclist, runner, last but not least husband and dad
  385. @joergoyen
    Insider score: 3
    Technologieanalyst, Trainer, Medienprogrammierer Print / Web / Mobile
  386. @arkaytee
    Insider score: 3
    Microsoft Tech Writer w/ exp in SharePoint, SQL Server, and IIS. Creative writer, MINI enthusiast, audiophile, avid reader. Tweets express my own opinions.
  387. @mvogden
    Insider score: 3
    Global Information Management Professional specializing in advising clients on how to implement and execute a GIM strategy
  388. @emergelearning
    Insider score: 3
    Providing Leadership in Learning and Development Consulting, e-Learning and Blended Learning to Calgary, Canada, UK & the Entire World.
  389. @LSPpartners
    Insider score: 3
    SDL LSP Partners are a group of 200+ Language Services Providers from around the World providing you with their latest blogs regarding the Translation industry.
  390. @smofbabe
    Insider score: 3
  391. @mschumann
    Insider score: 3
    Mostly normal. Eh, who am I kidding… Technical writer living in a cold place.
  392. @SageCRM_Phil
    Insider score: 3
    Senior Technical Writer on the Sage CRM Publications Team. I’ve been working with Sage CRM since August 2007.
  393. @kkorton
    Insider score: 3
    passionate about social media, my job at Lithium (really), travel, and people that are enthusiastic about what they do
  394. @anopencupboard
    Insider score: 2
    Tasty writing. Home is where the food is.
  395. @tier1jobs
    Insider score: 2
    Tier1 is: human performance, knowledge mgmt, learning, change mgmt. We always look for new people to join our team! Email [email protected]
  396. @ValentinBrandt
    Insider score: 2
    Visual and UI Designer @Tellmewhere
  397. @rahoorkhuit
    Insider score: 2
    Solutions for Technical Documentation, Enterprise CMS and XML / DITA. I Prefer Open Source. For freedom, against governmental patronizing.
  398. @WilliamsWrite
    Insider score: 2
    College English instructor, writer, & SPSU Tech Comm grad student.
  399. @kellykill2012
    Insider score: 2
    I’m a Technical Writer.Redatora. Escritora. Arte E Humanidades.

  400. @CiscoUCSDocs
    Insider score: 2
    Cisco UCS technical writers. Send us your feedback through Twitter or email us at [email protected]


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