For Technical Writers, The Future Looks Bright

Bright Future

Last week the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its ‘Jobs Outlook’ for technical writers and let’s just say – it looks bright.

Job growth for technical writers is expected to outpace the national average

Due to predicted growth in the high tech and electronics industries the value of technical communication skills will no doubt rise. In fact, The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the demand for technical communicators will grow 4% faster than demand for media and communication workers.

“Employment of technical writers is expected to grow 17 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

Employment growth will be driven by the continuing expansion of scientific and technical products and by growth in Web-based product support.

Growth and change in the high-technology and electronics industries will result in a greater need for those who can write instruction manuals and communicate information clearly to users.

Professional, scientific, and technical services firms will continue to grow rapidly and should be a good source of new jobs even as the occupation finds acceptance in a broader range of industries, including data processing, hosting, and related services.”

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