Media Round Up: New MindTouch CRM Connector for Salesforce


Earlier this week, we released the following news:  MindTouch Announces a Salesforce® Partnership: Enterprise Grade Knowledge Now Available in AppExchange®, and the pick-up and buzz has been amazing. We knew this was an important big step forward for our company, and has served to forge a keen relationship with Salesforce, but I think we underestimated the level of excitement this has generated. Our customers are excited and so our prospects. MindTouch has always been driven to apply years of web and social innovation to create and deliver great product help to users, kick open social engagement channels around documentation, and harvest meaningful and actionable data from user interaction with product help channels. By innovating in the gap between CRMs and support ticketing systems and product documentation and knowledge-bases, we’ve created a meaningful and necessary bridge between them that has unleashed amazing benefits for help seekers with faster resolution times, more engaging help delivery, and expanded access to collateral information to deepen product expertise and business leaders have quickly latched onto the benefit of tapping into the support silo to inform all the channels in their companies, especially product, sales and tech-comm.

Here’s some excerpts from the leading writers in technology:

MindTouch Social Help System Aligns With Salesforce Ecosystem, Exemplifies What Oracle Lacks by Alex Williams

“The MindTouch service creates a web-oriented way to view documents. It has a search component built in so help documents rise to the top based on what people are looking for. These results will also show up in Google search results. The MindTouch service turns a support document into a marketing opportunity.

Oracle and HP offer similar servies. Oracle acquired InQuira in 2011 and HP owns Autonomy. But InQuira has not been updated in some time and who the hell knows what HP is doing with Autonomy.

But more so, Oracle represents a monolithic software stack. The only way they can integrate is to do a costly partnership or an acquisition. Salesforce and others with platforms can just fit apps into a loosely coupled ecosystem.

The result is that Oracle will have to continue serving only the highest-end customers of the world. The rest of the market will go to services such as Salesforce and partners like MindTouch.”

MindTouch working with to improve support experience by Rachel King

“MindTouch is expanding its partnership with to improve the online customer support experience  on its internal knowledge bases and help systems with a new CRM integration…MindTouch cited internal research that support agents using the MindTouch CRM Connector for Salesforce resolved support tickets 47 percent faster on average. Additionally, the social help system provider said that 65 percent of users prefer to be taught how to self-serve themselves on the open platform.”

MindTouch Offers Its Salesforce CRM Connector on AppExchange by Barry Levine

“Deeper Content = Better Customer Support: The company announced the integration with Salesforce in June, but the connector itself is what will now enable quick integration. Salesforce VP of Business Development Scott Collison said in a statement that MindTouch “is going to be a really important partner of ours in the future, by providing a documentation platform for all kinds of software companies and cloud services.”

MindTouch Delivers Knowledge Base for Salesforce Customers by Ben Kepes

“Institutionalizing individual knowledge, and then disseminating it out to support workers is critical in order to ensure customer service delivers quick and accurate support. However the knowledge base has traditionally been siloed and separate from the customer service solution. Any time a service agent needs to switch between two systems of record, a degree of cognitive dissonance occur which, at best reduced efficiency but at worst lessens the customer support outcome. Building a self learning knowledge base that feed in two ways to and from customer support agents is a key step to make customer service faster, more accurate and more resource-efficient.

Scott Collison from Salesforce speaks to this fact when he says that;

The way that software companies or cloud companies used to do support was “hey, we are going to have a documentation team, write up the docs, put them on website, hopefully you can find them.” You want to call someone, – that might be difficult or might cost you some money. But I think by incorporating the community into creating living documentation describing how to use software – that has been a huge thing for us.”

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