Serenic Taps MindTouch to Create Better Product Help Experiences, Increased Brand Value and Competitiveness

Serenic Corporation is a leading international software developer that publishes mission-critical software products for non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and governments. Serenic specializes in integrated financial management and human capital management software solutions. The company’s products are based on Microsoft technology platforms and are distributed worldwide.

Among the reasons that Serenic leads the pack in their space is not only their rapid pace of innovation toward meeting their customers’ evolving needs, it’s their keen awareness of the necessity to provide the best possible experience with their products. Toward that end, Serenic invested in improving a keystone in the customer experience…their product help.

Serenic creates many different software products, and each of those solutions requires its own help documentation. Serenic was previously using RoboHelp to create this documentation and Microsoft Compiled Help to distribute the documentation to users. However, creating, maintaining and updating and distributing user documentation was cumbersome and time consuming and behind the curve of their pace of innovation, and they needed more agile tools to create and publish product documentation and better mechanisms for keeping their customers’ needs in focus. So they turned to MindTouch.

Now, with the new MindTouch system in place, Serenic has created a new cloud-based help site that enables all customers and support staff to have instant access to the most up-to-date documentation online, all in one centralized location. And with best-in-class search funcationality from MindTouch everyone can quickly find the information they need about any given Serenic software product. Going beyond simple searches, the MindTouch solution also automatically generates links to related help topics, leading users to answers faster and expanding product expertise among their users. Furthermore, Serenic now has its’ finger on the pulse of their documentation with robust MindTouch analytics, giving them insight into what their users are looking for, if they’re finding it, and what documents are working and which need to be improved,

Serenic’s new MindTouch-powered help site also serves as a knowledge exchange tool. Serenic employees have written new troubleshooting documentation, created a new knowledge base with informational articles, and filmed new how-to videos for their users, greatly expanding the limited help offerings that were previously available. The MindTouch system also provides a simple way for Serenic to distribute the content directly to users. In addition, MindTouch is a social solution, enabling multi-channel interchange around their documentation within the company and facilitating users to provide feedback and engage with Serenic inside their product help model.

By leveraging MindTouch to make creating and publishing product help easier for them and more discoverable and engaging for their users, Serenic has increased the value of their brand and strengthened their dominant position among their competitors who have failed to make the investment in the product help experience.

To read more about Serenic’s success using MindTouch, you can get a free copy of their case study from the MindTouch Resource Center.