MindTouch Global Customization Package: Complete Product Help Branding and Workflows Made Easy


Branding and customization just got a whole lot easier for companies powering their product documentation and help sites with MindTouch. We’re happy to announce today our release of a Global Customization Package within our product that allows clients to customize their product documentation and help sites with the following new features:

Custom Header/Footer for Site, PDF and F1 Contextual Help:  

Custom Header and Footer allows you to target the Header and Footer of your MindTouch TCS site so that you can add additional styling elements, JavaScript, and navigation to align it closer with your corporate look and feel.  With the Custom Header and Footer for F1 Contextual Help, you’ll be able to add custom text, links, html, JavaScript, images and DekiScript to the F1 dialog so that you can closely align the look and feel of the dialog to the application or site where it is embedded. Plus, with the Custom Header and Footer for PDF allows you to customize the header and footer of the PDF output so you can add your own styles and formatting to the PDFs generated from MindTouch.

Structured Tags:

Structured Tags allows you to add customized tag dropdowns to your MindTouch pages. This makes it easy for users or admins to tag a page with a pre-defined list of values.

Custom Login Text:  

The Custom Login feature will expose a page within MindTouch that you can easily edit via the browser and add text, images, and any content that will help your users have a guided experience when registering or logging into your MindTouch site.

Global JavaScript Inclusion:  

Global JavaScript Inclusion allows for easy integration of your MindTouch powered documentation and help site with with Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, WebTrends, Omniture and more, so you can leverage your help documentation to provide insight to your sales and marketing teams.

Corey Ganser, Customer Experience Manager for MindTouch, says:

“With our enhanced Global Customization Package, MindTouch clients are able to customize their own site to enhance their users experience, add elements to improve integration with innumerable third party applications, add content to guide their users registration and login process, create continuity of their brand’s look and feel in contextual help and PDF outputs so no matter where or how they surface content their users will be presented with a brand consistent experience, and improve their publishing work flows with greater control.”

These new features not only enable a set of useful technical features but also unleashes aesthetic and UI capabilities that dramatically improve the look, feel and usability of MindTouch powered documentation and help sites.

Some examples include the SAP-SuccessFactors and Thismoment sites shown here:

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