MindTouch 2012 – Busting Records


Hello World! MindTouch had a great 2012.

Roe Fulkerson

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged at MindTouch.com. As I start to write this I find myself a bit giddy. Sure, in part because of what I’m about to share, but primarily because I really miss writing for the MindTouch community. I’m scheduling some time every week to get a post out right now…

…Ok done.

Now about 2012, we crushed it. Here’s how:

  • we more than doubled our customers on MindTouch Cloud and
  • we increased sales by 450%.

For calendar Q1, 2013 MindTouch has grown by ~30% putting us on track for ~300% growth in 2013. Q1 is typically our slowest quarter though #justSaying.

Some of the new big names we added as customers in 2012 (off the top of my head) included: Blackboard.com, SuccessFactors, HTC (announcment with all the exciting details due out  in April), Wind River, Citrix, XRS Corp, Gensler, RSA, Paypal Germany, Wolters-Kluer, Rogers Communication and Hewlet-Packard. I’ll throw in Zuora as a bonus too because I love those guys.

What do I attribute our growth to? Well, I’m glad you asked. We’re solving a hard problem for our customers and MindTouch does this in a very differentiated way. We’re helping our customers deliver an awesome Product Experience by helping their users receive proactive support across all customer channels. Here’s a nice overview that will help you understand this with more detail: http://mndt.ch/2brief.