MindTouch Product Release: Dec 5, 2013

This week we’ve updated the following:MindTouch_vertical

  • We updated the password reset email to include the Display Name and username along with providing directions on how to change the password.

We squashed bugs, including:

  • Ensured that the Display Name for a user is used as the Display Name for their user page
  • The forgot password page did not render custom header and footer if the submitted user did not exist
  • Returned user to the edited section after saving instead of the top of the page
  • Resolved a javascript error for the search page within F1
  • Unable to copy a template
  • Removed unnecessary information from the API for anonymous users
  • Creating a new template in Template: wasn’t incrementing the page_title default name
  • When creating a new template, the title “Template:” was listed twice
  • MP4 videos had problems playing in some browsers