Navigating through product documentation can be intimidating, so users will often ask questions of your support team before trying to find those answers themselves. However, you can turn that trend around by following these proven techniques to increase self service support, which often also increases customer satisfaction and lowers support costs. These six best practices are taken directly from the successes of the dozens of technology companies I’ve worked with.

Last week I was in Denver, Colorado at the infamous DEFRAG Conference. DEFRAG is a conference that is devoted to information overload and web innovation. It’s a smaller conference (~500) which provides for a great atmosphere.

The conference provided refreshing insight on innovation, company culture, web standards, startup strategy and more. The speaker lineup included startup CEO’s (LiveFyre, GetSatisfaction), enterprise leaders (Netflix, BestBuy, Microsoft, Google), authors and even Aneesh Chopra from the Executive Office of the President.

I was able to attend [...]

MindTouch worked with the Gilbane Group, some of our customers, the Society for Technical Communicators and several industry experts to develop a toolkit that provides a “how-to” for repurposing Componentized Content Management Systems (CCMS’s) by adding a social publishing layer. This benefits your customers in profound and measurable ways. If you care about your users, you need this toolkit.

CCMS’s like SDL Trisoft and IXIAsoft have proven their value to the market by lowering the costs associated with producing, maintaining and [...]

Technical communication is currently suffering the side effects of a “social revolution” and is failing to evolve to the needs of the customer.

Industry leaders such as IXIAsoft, SDL with Trisoft and others have done an excellent job of innovating the ease in which companies can manage content. Focusing on XML authoring tools and Component Content Management Systems (CCMS) has provided tremendous value by lowering costs. In the fervor to lower the costs of technical writing and translation there is one [...]

Questions? Everyone has questions. Why is the sky blue? You can search and search, from site to site, person to person only to stumble upon meaningless jargon and obscure information that creates even more questions. A waste of time right?

Your alternative? Post your questions for the world to see and let the answers come to you. It is quite often that the question you ask will require you to specify the subject matter you want to know. Questions and Answers [...]

RightScale, the leader in cloud computing management, recently launched their new MindTouch powered Collaborative Network for self service-support and product documentation. This innovative property provides users structure, search and discoverability to what was an inherently unstructured and disconnected knowledge base. Content consists of tutorials, videos, references, and frequently asked questions.

The MindTouch platform made the development of a customized Collaborative Network rapid and painless. Innovations in the property include dynamically updated navigation tools that expose potentially overlooked portions of documentation. [...]

Tutorial, Code and Demo – Click Here

I’ve been working with a great deal of DekiScript recently and I haven’t really had much time to “show off” any of my developments. Well, just this week I completed a new DekiScript dropdown menu and it’s quite nice so I figured I’d share.

The dropdown menu was developed using a combination of DekiScript and JQuery. It is very easy to implement and doesn’t require using any extensions. Simply just create a [...]

September seems as though it will be a very busy month for us MindTouchers. So far we have planned to attend a notable series of conferences including Office 2.0, Zendcon, BlogWorldExpo and our first conference in France, Paris Capitale du Libre and Open Source Think Tank.

Paris Capitale du Libre will take place September 24th and 25th in Paris and will focus on the “economic & strategic issues related to today’s Open Source Software.” While in Paris we’re also [...]

Guest Blogger: Dave Cynkin, BlogWorld & New Media Expo

The team at BlogWorld & New Media Expo would like to invite the MindTouch community out to Vegas, and enjoy 20% off admission. Register with code MTDEKIVIP and you’ll save 20% off of every BlogWorld admission option including: Exhibits Only; Exhibits + Party; Full Access; Executive & Entrepreneur packages. And our normal discount pricing expires Aug. 22nd, so hurry and you can get the 20-off of the already discounted price and save [...]

The MindTouch team is happy to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at Defrag in early November. Defrag, a conference devoted to the tools and technologies that enable software to leverage social interaction, will be held in Denver, Colorado. This will be our second time at Defrag and it has proven to be one of most popular shows.

If you also plan to attend Defrag make sure you let us know! If you’re a Deki user, contributor, developer, [...]