Working closely with our customers and community, we’ve identified an issue that could affect the integrity of MindTouch-powered sites. The MindTouch engineering team has released an update to remedy the issue, which applies to MindTouch versions 10.0.x and 9.12.x. If you have an earlier version of MindTouch, we urge you to upgrade to the latest version and apply fix.

You can find more information on this update at the MindTouch Community Portal Blog, along with instructions on how to apply the [...]

Last week we completed the migration of MindTouch Deki Express (aka to the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2). We’ve been seeing great growth from our Express offering lately, and we wanted to make sure we continued to offer the great uptime and performance our users have come to expect.

A ton of work went into this migration and I’ll give an overview of some of the problems we had to solve to make the migration a success.

For those [...]

VM Security Updates

Since the 8.05 Jay Cooke VM release, Debian has announced several security updates which affect the Deki Wiki VM. Because reading the debian-security-announce mailing list probably isn’t your idea of fun (though I think it is), we’ve started tracking the Deki Wiki specific updates on the DekiWiki VM Security Updates page.

One of the latest vulnerabilities is particularly annoying. According to DSA-1576-1:

The recently announced vulnerability in Debian’s openssl package (DSA-1571-1, CVE-2008-0166) indirectly affects OpenSSH. As a result, all user [...]

Since everyone at MindTouch has decided to jump on this newfangled blogging bandwagon (just another fad like the Internet, IMO), I figured it was a good time to do my first post.

At MindTouch, we use svk to synchronize our private SVN repository with our public svn repo over at Over the weekend, that sync broke for some reason and I was forced to actually learn how the magic worked. I put together a document describing how our [...]