When it comes to creating content for customer engagement, the question becomes how much is too much? There is so much noise put out to our customers through Twitter, blogs, the website, email, and more. Companies should take any chance to cut down the noise to just what the customer needs to succeed.

Nowhere is this more important than in your product and help content. Anyone who has ever opened up a 300-page PDF just to find a single answer knows [...]

Bug Fix for Authors

Previously, you would not be able to use the Content Reuse Dialog when working in a new, unsaved, page. A prompt will now notify you that the page has to be saved in order to use the content reuse dialog. When editing a page, your browser will now autoscroll to location of the editor.  Links that were directing a user towards a deleted file will have a disabled style and will no longer be accessible. This functionality will mimic links [...]

Though it is generally used to promote political unity, the idiom “A house divided against itself cannot stand” rings true for the way companies structure their help centers in relation to their corporate domain. When help centers are kept on separate domains from the corporate domain, it has detrimental effects on the search engine rankings for both—and this will affect the consumers as well.  

When the house is united, and the help center exists as a subdomain of the corporate [...]


S-S-O: perhaps the three (okay, two) most important letters you’re not thinking about when it comes to your customer engagement efforts. In the race to increase customer adoption, companies need to adopt best practices around Single Sign-On (SSO).

SSO is a way to provide one entry point in order to seamlessly gain access to different, but interrelated systems with one set of credentials. Every time you sign into your online banking, you’re signing into a slew of other systems all working [...]

Feature Optimization: Custom Branding

You will now be able to customize additional UI templates in MindTouch. In addition to the custom header and footer you will now be able to customize your 404 (Page Not Found), First-Login-Welcome, and Blank Article (an article with no content) templates. This will allow you to further represent your brand and connect with your customers. More details to come, if you have any questions please contact the MindTouch Customer Success Team.

Bug Fix for Administrators

Table sorting in [...]

There are three things in life that are certain: death, taxes, and your customers needing your product and help content throughout the customer lifecycle. As the first two get plenty of media coverage, today we’ll just focus on that third one.

Now, you may be a little suspicious of that third statement. If you’re holding some product manuals in your hand, or perhaps scrolling through hundreds of Word files, each an incremental revision of the last, it can seem especially suspect [...]

startup valuation

When it comes to spending Venture Capitalist backing, growth is the name of the game.  Let’s take this money and grow our product to be more responsive to the market. Or, let’s grow our marketing and sales teams to acquire new customers and grow the business more quickly.

In 2014, San Francisco start-ups alone amassed 10.9 billion in 584 deals. There’s a lot of money being thrown around these days to find the next Uber or Facebook.

But as of 2012, three out [...]

Bug Fix for Authors

Searching for code tags (i.e. <input>) found within the syntax highlighter would return no results. When searching for tags you will now see correct results. When attaching a file to a page, the file details will not show the user Display Name. Learn more about the difference between usernames and display names at the MindTouch Customer Success Center. If you attempted to create a page where a page previously existed you would receive an error that resulted in the [...]
Don't let your SEO content strategy look like this.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets a lot of press. And rightfully so: the difference between the first page of results and second page of results for click through rates (the percentage of users who click a link on that page) is staggering. According to Advanced Web Ranking, 71.33% of all organic click throughs occur on the first page of results. If you’re not on that first page, nearly ¾ of your potential customers aren’t even going to see your site. [...]


How you say things is important as what you say. As businesses reach global audiences faster than ever thanks to social media and search engines, they need to consider the role of site localization in their customer engagement strategies.

The Shell and the Kernel

Localization is the adaptation of a site to suit the target locale. For many companies, localization equals translation. If we just translate the content from language a to language b, then we’re golden, or so the thinking goes.

But [...]