“Software as a Service, or SaaS, isn’t about the hosting. It’s about helping your customers succeed with your product,” states Aaron Fulkerson, CEO of MindTouch, on theCube during the Splunk .conf2014 in Las Vegas. With top-tier customers like MakerBot, Intuit, Paypal, and more – MindTouch knows a thing or two about creating “Success Centers.

Watch theCube interview with our CEO to learn more.

And, of course, if you didn’t have a chance to attend our presentation, please check out the information on Slideshare: Combining SaaS and Customer Success to Achieve Cloud Enlightenment from MindTouch

Now that the happily inflicted, corporate craziness of Dreamforce 2014 has crawled to a close, we would like to highlight some exciting new developments.

Our team was based at Moscone West, Booth W-833 this year. Foot traffic was phenomenal and we were very excited to share a working demo of an upcoming MindTouch integration that we built (in under 3 weeks!) on Salesforce Wave. As a customer success driven software solution, we – at MindTouch – know how to make customers into product experts. With the ability to drive shorter sales cycles, expect higher customer retention rates, and increase customer loyalty, all the prospects who stopped by our booth were struck by a sudden desire to build and use an omni-channel, success center.

If you didn’t have a chance to meet us at Dreamforce, here are some fun snapshots:

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Check out what’s new on the Salesforce AppExchange!


Earlier this week, POODLE, an SSLv3 bug, that affects websites with SSL enabled was publicly announced. This vulnerability allows the plaintext of secure connections to be calculated by a network attacker, thereby compromising encryption. Google has published a paper about the SSLv3 bug here.

In line with our commitment towards excellence, MindTouch quickly patched this vulnerability. Thanks to our team, there should be no extra steps that you or your business will need to take to protect your MindTouch powered website against POODLE. 

Here’s a list of what we did and why.

  • Investigated the possibility of disabling the CBC ciphers in SSLv3.
  • Decided to disable SSLv3 due to the tiny fraction of browsers still using it (IE6 on Windows XP).
  • Disabled SSLv3 on our load balancers on Monday, October 15th at approximately 14:20 UTC.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

“Software vendors increasingly provide their products as hosted services, accessible via online APIs and clients. The timeframe for marketing new features and functionality is often short; tight-knit agile teams write, test, and deploy updates within single short sprints.

Documentation must keep up. Enter hosted content providers.

Content management and hosting services can fully eliminate the need for onsite writing and publishing tools and infrastructure, allowing writers to focus their energy on developing content. Rich, interactive content is easier than ever to achieve, without requiring writers to leave the comfort of their browsers.

In this talk, Tanner Volz will describe the exciting process of transforming file-based, linear documentation at iovation (a SaaS vendor), to an agile authoring and delivery process using MindTouch, a feature-rich hosted help and support platform” – iovation.

Presented by: Tanner Volz, @iovation

Today’s customers expect brands to support them throughout the entire ownership lifecycle and will jump ship (and churn) if it takes too much effort to become a product expert. Building a Customer Success strategy requires a collaboration across many departments in your organization and a new way of thinking about how you deliver content to your customers.

Presented By: Ryan Lounsbury

Feature Addition for Authors

Feature Change For PDF’s

  • PDF footers will no longer need the class ‘page-break’ in their PDF Footer as the page break is going to be appended unconditionally in code instead of as part of the footer template.  We have reached out to sites that may be affected and will need to remove the ‘page-break’ class from their custom PDF footer template.

Bug Fixes for Authors

  • Page URIs would occasionally display the incorrect page path in PDF Footers.
  • When adding or editing a link, if you selected an internal page then added an external URL and saved the link, the text would link to that internal page rather than the external URL.

Conferences like Dreamforce are immensely valuable, but to get the most out of them, you need to know how to optimize your time. As a new Salesforce Wave: Analytics Cloud Ecosystem launch partner, MindTouch (located at booth W-833, West Hall) is excited to share a list of the top 25 people that you should meet at Dreamforce. If you have not met these influencers, please reach out and do so now!

The list that we have compiled through LittleBird, includes ISV Partner leaders, industry influencers, and practitioners. If you find this list to be helpful, please RT or mention us @MindTouch.


  • @Benioff – Marc Benioff
  • @garybenitt - Gary Benitt
  • @alexbard – Alex Bard
  • @tientzuo – Tien Tzuo 
  • @keithbigelow - Keith Bigelow
  • @MikeGerholdt – Mike Gerholdt
  • @petercoffee – Peter Coffee
  • @dandarcy – Dan Darcy
  • @CRMFYI – Jeff Grosse
  • @michaelforce – Michael Farrington
  • @sfdc_nerd – Becka Dente
  • @roebot – Aaron Fulkerson
  • @GeraldineGray – Geraldine Gray
  • @ReidCarlberg – Reid Carlberg
  • @dcarroll – Dave CarrollPress_Release_Wave
  • @parkerharris – Parker Harris
  • @dschach – David Schach
  • @mattybme – Matt Brown
  • @jeffdonthemic – Jeff Douglas
  • @DarthGarry – Garry Polmateer
  • @hammnick – Nick Hamm
  • @TooSaaSy – Salesforce SaaSy
  • @GeorgeHuSF – George Hu
  • @apexsutherland – Alex Sutherland
  • @forceDotMom – Brandy Colmer

To learn more about MindTouch, please visit our booth at Dreamforce. Our team is located at W-833 in the West Hall and would be more than happy to demo our new customer success software.

About Us: 

MindTouch, Inc is a provider of cloud based customer success software. MindTouch is transforming how all businesses drive customer success by empowering them to author, capture and serve knowledge to their customers in new ways and by creating insight from customers’ behavior. MindTouch creates shorter sales cycles, increases organic site traffic, and turns new users into experts and brand advocates.

MindTouch is used by millions of people every day. Industry leaders like Intuit, Remington, Hewlett-Packard, Verizon, SAP, Zuora, MakerBot and RSA Security rely on MindTouch to support their customers’ success. Read more about MindTouch here: http://mindtouch.com


San Francisco – Dreamforce 2014 – Oct. 13, 2014 –  MindTouch, Inc., the company that accelerates customer success and converts product and support content into a profitable sales and marketing channel, today announced it has joined the Salesforce Analytics Cloud ecosystem to help provide the ultimate customer spend and retention solution. By integrating the MindTouch suite of services into this program MindTouch empowers companies with a real-time understanding of the exact product and support content that most effectively:

  • assist sales in closing new customers fast and
  • create the most successful customers post-sale.

Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, is the first cloud analytics platform designed for every business user, making it easier than ever for anyone to explore data, uncover new insights and take action instantly from any device.

Both sales and support teams will have access to actionable intelligence that identifies the most effective content for driving the sale and creating product experts. SF_Img3Combining the power of Salesforce Analytics Cloud with MindTouch is expected to improve sales execution, increase user adoption, create product experts, and drive brand advocacy – all of which will positively impact customer spend and retention.

“Companies need decision tools, not another analytics or business intelligence technology. Salesforce Analytics Cloud delivers this by making it fast and easy to extract actionable information,” said Aaron Fulkerson, Founder & CEO of MindTouch. “Salesforce just became a juggernaut in the analytics and business intelligence space for two reasons: Salesforce has the customer ‘golden’ record and the sheer overwhelming number of partners ready and willing to build on Analytics Cloud.”

“The convergence of mobile, social and cloud computing has sparked a data revolution, and companies today must leverage data-driven insights to connect with their customers in a whole new way,” said Keith Bigelow, senior vice president & general manager, Salesforce Analytics Cloud, salesforce.com. “Salesforce Analytics Cloud is the first cloud analytics platform designed for every business user. With partners such as MindTouch, Inc., customers can benefit from a wealth of additional analytic applications to extend analytics for every business need, making it easier than ever for anyone to explore and share data instantly, uncover new insights and take action from anywhere.”

MindTouch and Salesforce Analytics Cloud Empowers Customers to Transform Data into Business Insight

SF_image#2In addition to delivering the most effective self-service success center for creating brand experts and advocates, MindTouch increases organic web traffic by converting product information, best practices, training materials, and support information into valuable content for SEO. MindTouch also lowers the cost of supporting customers while improving the quality of support and user adoption.

Come See the Power of MindTouch and Salesforce Analytics Cloud in Action this Week at Dreamforce 2014, the World’s Largest Software Conference

MindTouch will be presenting our Customer Success Cloud Software at Booth W-833 in the West Hall. Here, we plan to share best practices in customer success and support as well as walk customers through our product, showcase real-life success stories by customers like Paypal, Zuora, MakerBot, Avalara, and more.

Wave Opens Up Insights From Every Data Source—Now Anyone Can Build and Deploy Analytics for Any Business Need

Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, is the first cloud analytics platform that enables admins, IT and developers to work closely with business leaders to empower everyone to make smarter, data-driven decisions in seconds. Natively integrated with Salesforce1 Platform, Salesforce Analytics Cloud benefits from the trusted platform and enables admins to quickly drag and drop Salesforce data to deploy sales, service and marketing analytics apps. In addition, developers and IT can use new Wave APIs and other data connectors to easily connect to any other data sources to build any custom analytics app for any business function, or embed analytics into an entirely new generation of analytics apps and connected products for customers.

Additional Resources

  •      Become a fan of MindTouch: https://www.facebook.com/MindTouch
  •      Follow MindTouch on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MindTouch

Salesforce, Salesforce1 and others are among the trademarks ofsalesforce.com, inc.

About MindTouch

MindTouch, Inc is a provider of cloud based customer success software. MindTouch is
transforming how all businesses drive customer success by empowering them to author, capture
and serve knowledge to their customers in new ways and by creating insight from customers’
behavior. MindTouch creates shorter sales cycles, increases organic site traffic, and turns new
users into experts and brand advocates.

MindTouch is used by millions of people every day. Industry leaders like Intuit, Remington,
Hewlett-Packard, Verizon, SAP, Zuora, MakerBot and RSA Security rely on MindTouch to
support their customers’ success. Read more about MindTouch here: http://mindtouch.com

Feature addition for Authors

  • The red line tool will now be enabled in the editor by default.  This feature allows authors to add spacing before or after certain formatting options.  We apologize this addition wasn’t communicated in our Early Access Program e-mail.  You can read all about this feature at MindTouch Success.

Bug Fixes for Site Administrators

  • Hitting enter when searching for a user would reset the filters on the Control Panel’s User Management page.

Bug Fix for Authors

  • Span tags would be added into the HTML of content templates when added to the Editor.
  • Span tags would be added into the HTML of formatted text on the Safari browser only.
  • The Content Reuse dialog would not load upon page creation. A prompt to save the page while editing will now show, similar to other editor dialogs.

Known Issues

  • There is an error when initially accessing the Site Activity Report for sites with Japanese Localization.
  • The spell checker will not activate on misspelled words that have 2 or 3 letters.


It is time to adopt a new outlook on how to validate success. With the rise of the subscription economy, businesses need to accept that it is no longer a question about how to get customers through the door, but rather a question of how to retain them. To give your team a head start against the competition, we’ve created this infographic to show you why you need to transform your help center into a customer success center.