Back by popular demand, MindTouch has once again created a Top 50 list of Influencers to identify, chart, and highlight the accomplishments of active thought leaders in the customer success space. Whether you’re B2B or B2C business, you would benefit greatly should you choose to connect and follow these customer success influencers. MindTouch has been researching and publishing these reports to the customer success community since 2009 by using data generated from Little Bird to amplify customer success, create new relationships, and spark discussions.

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These are the top 10 #cx influencers: 

  • @Hyken – Shep Hyken
  • @Loyalty360 – Loyalty 360
  • @tedcoine – Ted Coine
  • @annettefranz – Annette Franz
  • @forrester – Forrester Research
  • @bsdalton – Barry Dalton
  • @JeanneBliss – Jeanne Bliss
  • @MarshaCollier – Marsha Collier
  • @billquiseng – Bill Quiseng
  • @katenasser – Kate Nasser

These are the top 11-20 #cx influencers: 

  • @PeterLavers – Peter Lavers
  • @MJohnsonLoyalty – Mark Johnson
  • @btemkin – Bruce Timken
  • @rwang0 – R Ray Wang
  • @KnowledgeBishop – Tristan Bishop
  • @rbacal – Robert Bacal
  • @nporte – Nancy Porte
  • @AlanSee – Alan See
  • @Bob_Thompson – Bob Tompson
  • @CXJourney – CX Journey™

If you haven’t heard already, there’s a brand new LinkedIn Group for professionals who want to learn more about customer success tactics. It’s still in its early stages, but we highly urge all of you to join, highlight your expertise, and promote your content. We’ll be using this group to engage, discuss, and network with all those who are involved in customer service, support, experience, and success.

These are the top 21-30 #cx influencers: 

  • @flavmartins – Flavio Martins
  • @greg_levin – Greg Levin
  • @BradBennett – Brad Bennett
  • @mikewittenstein – Mike Wittenstein
  • @ariegoldshlager – Arie Goldshlager
  • @brianvellmure – Brian Vellmure
  • @marketingpros – Ann Handley
  • @FrankEliason – Frank Eliason
  • @ColinShaw_CX – Colin Shaw
  • @customerthink – CustomerThink

These are the top 31-40 #cx influencers: 

  • @MKCallConsult – Melissa Kovacevic
  • @JontyPearce – Jonty Pearce
  • @RoyAtkinson – RoyAtkinson
  • @kerrybodine – Kerry Bodine
  • @mycustomer –
  • @colinsataylor – Colin Taylor TRG
  • @TedRubin – Ted Rubin
  • @Jeanniecw – Jeannie Walters
  • @expertinservice – James Sorensen
  • @mjayliebs – Mitch Lieberman

These are the top 41-50 #cx influencers: 

  • @erinraese – Erin Raese
  • @andy_mcf – Andrew McFarland
  • @Aimee_Lucas – Aimee Lucas
  • @enthused – Steve Curtin
  • @9INCHmarketing – Stan Phelps
  • @CXMWorld – CXMWorld
  • @Customer_Event – Next Generation CX
  • @pgreenbe – Paul Greenberg
  • @KentHuffman – Kent Huffman
  • @bartdecraene – Bart De Craene

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Check back to find out who made the list of top 10 blogs in content strategy, customer experience, and knowledge management, or follow us on Twitter to find out right away when we post the next list.


To remain competitive, businesses need to refresh their perceptions about the goals and capabilities of their customer support organizations. It is no longer about employing a break-fix methodology to ensure immediate customer satisfaction. Customer support should, instead, be viewed as a channel for easy customer interaction, within which a business could amplify its reach through branding, lead generation, and knowledge building. According to Forrester Research, “a loyal customer is willing to spend a larger wallet share during their engagement lifetime with a company and what that means is that customer loyalty is correlated to increased revenue.” See Forrester Analyst Kate Leggett and MindTouch CEO Aaron Fulkerson, Customer Support Practices to Create a Profit Center (Forrester Feb. 27, 2014). The landscape for support is shifting and industry leaders are quickly adopting new practices to empower customers and capture their loyalty by providing quality, easy service.

“Most businesses are moving to a subscription model and customer retention is extremely important,” states Aaron Fulkerson, MindTouch CEO, “Getting product knowledge into web native formats and delivering it across all customer support channels will drive organic site traffic, prospective buyer traffic, and improve your net promotor score.”

To get the whole Forrester Research video, please sign up here.

New Feature for Authors: Table Editor Enhancements

We’ve dramatically refined the table creation and modification experience to make it faster and easier to use. Now you can format and adjust your tables with fewer clicks, or using the keyboard alone.

  • Streamlined the table context menu into a single list for all editing operations

  • Merged separate row/column/cell dialogs into an easier-to-understand “Table Properties” dialog

  • Contextual table-editing controls that make it easy to add/remove rows and columns

Usability Improvements for Site Administrators

  • The user management table in the control panel now displays the date each user was created. This will allow Site Administrators to triage newly registered users for applying special permissions, or simply know how long a user has existed in the system.

Bug Fixes for Site Administrators

  • Site Administrators who use Internet Explorer 8 could not see the report tables associated with the Site Activity or Content Aging reports.

Usability Improvements for All Site Visitors

  • Composing a PDF, or PDF Book from one or more MindTouch articles is limited by the number of articles that can be included. This limit was never displayed in PDF creation workflow, which caused some confusion. The workflow now prominently displays the max number of articles that can be included in a PDF or PDF Book.

Bug Fixes for All Site Visitors

  • Searching for an exact phrase with Advanced Search did not return results that matched the exact phrase provided.

  • Links to URL fragments, often called “anchor links”, did not work correctly in PDFs generated from MindTouch articles. Anchor links that pointed to an anchor on the same page with the link (which appears as “#anchor”) as well as anchor links to other article paths (which appear as “/path/to/article#anchor”) were stripped out when the PDF was generated, which caused some navigation problems while viewing the PDF.

Known Issues for Authors

MindTouch is aware of three bugs affecting the authoring experience. All three behaviors can still be achieved via workarounds (or some persistence). We are working on resolving these issues in future weekly releases.

  • (Internet Explorer 8 Only) Attaching a new file revision to a page will intermediately fail.

  • When editing or creating a page, selecting and cutting a table in the content area will cut the table but leave the content.
  • The page hierarchy selection control for adding links to a category portfolio page displays duplicate hierarchies, making it difficult to navigate the control.

New MindTouch Documentation


With the prolific growth of social technologies, there are a plethora of communication channels and touch points for businesses to engage with their customers; the challenge for businesses is figuring out which channels would most effectively amplify customer satisfaction, decrease associated support costs, and engage with customers to promote success. The customer service landscape is evolving and, to remain competitive, businesses must stay up to date with industry trends.

We, at MindTouch, are passionate about customer success; as an industry leader with top-tier companies like MakerBot, Intuit, Paypal, and Blackboard under our belt, we have created a video in collaboration with Forrester Research, see Forrester Analyst Kate Leggett and MindTouch CEO Aaron Fulkerson, Making Leaders Successful Every Day: Customer Support Practices For Creating A Profit Center (Forrester Feb. 27, 2014), to relay the trends, use cases, and statistics related to support channels, ticket deflection, and trends. To watch the full Forrester Research video, you can check it out here.

Here are some statistics for you to consider. In a study conducted by Forrester Research comparing trends between December 2009 to 2012:

  • Web Self-Service FAQ has jumped from fifty-seven percent (57%) utilization to sixty-seventy percent (67%).
  • Telephoning a Company and Speaking to an Agent has remained the same with a seventy-three percent (73%) utilization.
  • Instant Messaging / Online Chat with a Live Person has increased from thirty percent (30%) to forty-three percent (43%) utilization.
  • Peer-to-Peer Online Forum or Community has increased from twenty-three percent (23%) to thirty-two percent (32%) utilization.  

Please check out the full Forrester Research Video to get an overview of all the current statistics and trends that industry leaders are employing to keep their customers happy.



MindTouch experienced 11 minutes of downtime while we patched for the heartbleed vulnerability that has affected…practically the entire Internet. More accurately, this impacted everyone using the OpenSSL library, which is pretty much the entire Internet. Well, perhaps not Microsoft.  However, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, most everyone has been affected.

OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug Leaves Much Of The Internet At Risk – TechCrunch
A large chunk of the Internet is broken at the moment…

While others are struggling to resolve this, I’m pleased to report that MindTouch patched the same day the vulnerability was announced. Yahoo and many others are still scrambling to resolve this one. Good luck all.

We have no reason to believe that this vulnerability was exploited at MindTouch. However, we’re taking extra precautions. Indeed, we’re contacting all customers with SSL to take security measures to counteract the (albeit unlikely) event that this vulnerability was exploited.

Shout out to Pete and the MindTouch DevOps team for resolving this so incredibly fast and with very little impact to our customers.

Pete Erickson

I love you Pete.