There is a lot of discussion around the role of the web content management system in customer experience management (CXM). Some say it’s the core, others say it’s an element, but not a driver. I say they are both right.

Let`s be very specific here, because it is important. If we were just talking purely about the online customer experience, then I would agree that the web content management system (WCM) is the core to designing and support CXM strategies. Pretty [...]

Publishing workflow

In an ongoing effort to redefine customer help, MindTouch announces support for common CCMS vendors like Astoria, DocZone, SDL Trisoft, and IXIAsoft. Releases business “how-to” toolkit for socializing CMS and CCMS.

Austin, TX, November 17, 2011 — MindTouch, the provider of exceptional product help experiences, announced at Lavacon this week support for common Componentized Content Management System (CCMS) vendors such as Astoria, DocZone, SDL Trisoft and IXIAsoft.

XML and DITA based CMS’s have proven market value by decreasing the cost of [...]

Climate Institute and LAC-CORE Become First NGOs to Publish Climate Lab Content on their Websites – Over 250 wiki articles & 350 user accounts generated since Climate Lab kickoff

Washington, May 04, 2010 — A year after launching, a community website and wiki on climate change issues, the DC-based nonprofit Climate Lab announced today that it has founded a new collaborative network to syndicate its climate change content. The launch of Climate Lab Networks marks the first time a public [...]

Introducing the TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library

MindTouch was chosen for the Sprout Award because of its leadership in the Enterprise Collaborative

Network market

SAN DIEGO August 20, 2009 – MindTouch today announced that it has been selected as Sprout Award winner from Everything Channel. MindTouch was chosen The Sprout Awards spotlight companies that are in the earliest stages of promising technology and product development in areas including Client application, Client hardware, Server application, Server hardware, Cloud computing, Storage, Networking, Wireless, Mobility, Social Networking, Consumer Electronics and more. The [...]

I have “skinned” or “themed” a lot of web applications over the years to include CMS’s, blog engines, and a couple collaboration applications.  Most of the time, I have a good time doing so, but the process is usually littered with a lot of issues when it comes to how the application spits out markup and how it incorporates CSS.

I started working with MindTouch Deki a couple months ago and am happy to say that I found the entire skinning [...]

Mark your calendar for this week’s Webinar Wednesday series, Using MindTouch Deki as a Content Management System, this Wednesday, January 21 at 11am (PST). This Wednesday one of our experts will take you through MindTouch Deki; starting off with the basics of using Deki and then focusing on a more specific topic (using MindTouch Deki as a CMS system) for the remainder of the hour (Q&A time also included in the hour). In this session you’ll discover how to:

Create and [...]

Deki CMS combines the strengths of both a wiki and a content management system ensuring ease of use, control, and great presentation for designers, writers and administrators alike. The CMS is a feature add-on to Deki Wiki which essentially transforms the extremely powerful wiki platform into a light weight CMS system. In addition, Deki CMS allows users to leverage a collaborative content management system for greater content growth and governance.

I created the first version of Deki CMS [...]