In June 2009, Booz Allen Hamilton (“BAH”) was awarded the Open Enterprise 2009 Innovation Award for its groundbreaking Enterprise 2.0 portal, appropriately named “Hello”.  Booz Allen won the award in large part for because as Oliver Mark’s described it: “<BAH is> truly transforming their organization at its core through deep, enterprise-wide adoption.” ,Bill Ives wrote a fantastic series on the first generation Hello. It’s well worth the read.


Today, we’re pleased to announce that MindTouch and Microsoft are now powering BAH’s next generation intranet., which went live on May 3, 2010 with only a few glitches (not related to MindTouch, mind you :-).

Walton Smith who headed up the project for BAH’ disclosed to us that Booz Allen chose MindTouch over their previous solution provider because of our ability to scale and the incredible amount of flexibility MindTouch gives its users.  He understands that Hello.Bah can easily be expanded by using the powerful MindTouch architecture to rapidly develop mashups, social applications and custom enterprise solutions.  Walton understands and readily embraces the concept of having it “your way”.

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