A few days ago, Mike Puterbaugh, VP of Marketing here at MindTouch posted a compelling article on Mashable about why those of us in Marketing need to pay more attention to our product documentation. This is a must read for all CMOs, VPs and Directors of Marketing. So why is product documentation Marketing’s secret weapon? Read his 5 reasons on Mashable.com to find out. Below is a brief excerpt…

As a CMO, it’s important to understand what clever technology developers and open source leaders have known for years: Great product documentation isn’t loathsome — it’s marketing, and darn good marketing at that.

Today, the smartest apps and campaigns dominate headlines and boardrooms. Meanwhile, documentation has become marketing’s secret weapon.


Ultimately, good documentation won’t comprise a cost, but rather, a profit. Furthermore, it’s an SEO godsend. Documentation can indicate how to evolve products and spark cross-functional communication. It can reveal holes in the sales funnel that otherwise would have eluded you.

In marketing terms, documentation can put you into contact with prospective investors and customers alike. And while much of marketing can be asynchronous and speculative, documentation remains reliable and predictable.

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