As part of MindTouch’s 2009 open source best practices research,  we asked C and VP level Open Source Executives who they thought are the most influential people in the industry today.  Over 50 votes from Executives in Europe and North America were cast to determine the 2009 edition (note: they could not vote for anyone in their own company).  What makes this list remarkable is that industry insiders were the judges.

There were a few surprises from outside of the open [...]

Last week I joined the advisory board of the newly created CodePlex Foundation, which was forged in the bowels of Microsoft. Sounds scary doesn’t it?

The foundation, a 501.c6 non-profit, endeavors to increase participation in open source community projects. The intent is to provide a framework for commercial (proprietary) software companies to more easily contribute to open source projects. Specifically, the CodePlex Foundation wishes to help resolve concerns commonly shared among commercial software companies about contributions downstream; such as implied patents, [...]

Earlier this week I wrote a guest post at the Microsoft Open Source Community blog Port25. Peter, Duff, Chris and the rest of the team at Port25 and the open source lab are doing incredible work. They also are fanatical MindTouch customers. Thanks for your support and cheer leading guys.

While the vast majority of MindTouch users and customers are deploying MindTouch on Linux/Apache/Mono I am keen to make Windows/IIS/.NET users aware of the availability of MindTouch on this [...]

We have received a number of requests recently from companies looking for hard ROI data on our Intranet Collaborative Network so that they can sell our solution internally.  The issue that immediately comes to mind is that each company uses their intranet differently so that quantifying ROI is a subjective exercise.  In other words, every company will realize benefits and ROI differently depending on how they use their Intranet.  I am confident however that a large number of [...]

Aaron Fulkerson, MindTouch CEO and Founder will be speaking this week in San Francisco at the most respected conference covering the convergence of open source and business, the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC). The 6th Year of the Open Source Business Conference will bring together senior business leaders, C-level technical strategists, lawyers and venture capitalists to collaborate on emerging business models, strategies and profitability for open source software use.

Topics Aaron Fulkerson will be discussing with industry leaders include:

Moving Open [...]

Steve has a great post about concurrency at the developer blog.

Just finished watching a great video discussion between George Chrysanthakopoulos and Erik Meijer from Microsoft about Concurrency, Coordination, and the CCR. George and I share a common past. We worked together for a few years in an incubation project in Advanced Strategies under Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s CTO. That project lead to the creation of the CCR (Concurrency and Coordination Runtime) and was also an inspiration to MindTouch Dream. From firsthand [...]

Hey devs! Want to write code for Deki Wiki? We just finished up some step-by-step instructions on how to set up your very own development environment.

You’ll need Microsoft’s Visual Studio (for this set of instructions), and you’ll need to grab the VMWare-Certified MindTouch Deki Wiki Virtual Appliance (found here). After setting it up, the Virtual Machine has an “out-of-body experience”; the PHP and database layers are running in the VM while the API running inside of Visual Studio, allowing you [...]

The New Robert Scobles: Seven Leading Corporate Social Media Evangelists Today – ReadWriteWeb

Robert Scoble blazed a big trail by blogging and producing video as a technical evangelist for Microsoft from 2003 through 2006. No longer at Microsoft, Scoble now produces media for media’s sake at Others have followed his lead, knowingly or not, and job titles like "social media evangelist" are no longer nearly as rare as they used to be.

Still, many companies wonder what kind of work [...]