Last night, we announced MindTouch Contextual Help – a new capability of MindTouch TCS that allows application vendors to instantly add a contextual help system to their Web apps. This “F1-style” addition creates a rich social help experience for end users, removes the need for expensive engineering resources in development and maintenance, and provides product managers and marketers with a wealth of data and insights about the needs and challenges of their end users and prospective buyers.

MindTouch Contextual Help for [...]

This past week, MindTouch announced a co-developed product with the industry’s most innovative provider of web-based help desk and support ticketing: Zendesk. In case if you missed the announcement (ok, it’s time to come out from under that rock), this integration is a jointly developed solution which provides a seamless experience for support agents to search against their MindTouch TCS social knowledge base in the context of the support ticketing system. Also part of the integration, users can publish support [...]

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While I typically write an end of year wrap up in the new year, I couldn’t help writing about some recent awards MindTouch has been honored by. Beginning with, for the second year in a row, MindTouch was listed as a ReadWriteWeb Top 10 Enterprise Products. Other products honored included those from Microsoft, Salesforce, Jive Software, Cisco Systems and Apple. I am proud to note Microsoft and Cisco are both MindTouch customers too.

Two of the selected products that shared [...]

Credit: Mashget via Flickr

One of the often overlooked benefits of MindTouch Deki is the ability to create an organizational memory by capturing your company’s tacit and explicit knowledge. This is done in a manner that makes it expedient for others to later consume this memory, if done manually, and enables the programmatic processing of the data through a rich set of RESTful interfaces.

With the recent wave of layoffs MindTouch has been witnessing an increase in customers who have proactively begun [...]

Looking at the year in review, MindTouch has a lot to be thankful for in 2008. We received dozens of accolades from the media and analysts, we added hundreds of new customers and have seen remarkable growth.

All of our success would never have been possible without you. The fact is, it is our amazing community that have tirelessly spread the word through blogging, twittering, and good old fashioned word of mouth. Without your support we could have never achieved these [...]

ReadWriteWeb has spoken and has named MindTouch as one of the 10 Top Enterprise Web Products of 2008. This is an amazing honor to be listed with such remarkable web products such as Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, LinkedIn, and others. Thank you RWW! Here’s what ReadWriteWeb had to say about the selection criteria

In no order of importance (all three are critical), we looked for three attributes for the top Enterprise web products:

Innovation: This is the time for firms that opened [...]

In an ongoing effort to chronicle MindTouch’s media coverage, return link-love and comment on articles written about MindTouch here’s another weekly media round up.

Starting with Clint Boulton at eWeek. This article is actually a couple weeks old, but I missed it in the previous round ups and I’m a big fan of eWeek and Clint’s work there.

eWeek: Mozilla Melds with MindTouch Wiki

Mozilla’s embrace of MindTouch is a coup of sorts for the San Diego startup…

“They dig it [Deki] because [...]

By now our loyal readers are likely sick of hearing me talk about the latest release of Deki Wiki :-), but I’m obliged to thank all the pubs and blogs that covered our announcement and to return some link-love. The response is nothing short of remarkable. In no particular order, here it goes:

The must read post of all the coverage, and there was a lot of quality coverage, is Dr. Dobbs. I say this only because it’s the most technical [...]