Last night, we announced MindTouch Contextual Help – a new capability of MindTouch TCS that allows application vendors to instantly add a contextual help system to their Web apps. This “F1-style” addition creates a rich social help experience for end users, removes the need for expensive engineering resources in development and maintenance, and provides product managers and marketers with a wealth of data and insights about the needs and challenges of their end users and prospective buyers.

MindTouch Contextual Help for your Web Applications provides:

  • Out-of-the-box help system
  • Lowered dependency on engineering resources
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Single source sales and marketing automation rules
  • A way to reduce support costs by bringing your self-serve support docs straight to your users, right within your app
  • Easy setup and deployment in your apps
  • Lower support, happier customers
  • Pricing and Availability

With this announcement, MindTouch is revolutionizing in-product help for the cloud-computing era. Help content doesn’t have to live in PDF’s and paper-based manuals published to the Web – MindTouch is the best way to quickly implement a proven and effective help system right within your apps.

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This past week, MindTouch announced a co-developed product with the industry’s most innovative provider of web-based help desk and support ticketing: Zendesk. In case if you missed the announcement (ok, it’s time to come out from under that rock), this integration is a jointly developed solution which provides a seamless experience for support agents to search against their MindTouch TCS social knowledge base in the context of the support ticketing system. Also part of the integration, users can publish support tickets to MindTouch as knowledge base articles, in a single click. To learn more about features and capabilities of this integration visit our Zendesk integration overview.

Are you a Zendesk customer? Great news – we’re giving all Zendesk customers a FREE MindTouch TCS instance. Get your free MindTouch instance and setup your integration today!

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While I typically write an end of year wrap up in the new year, I couldn’t help writing about some recent awards MindTouch has been honored by. Beginning with, for the second year in a row, MindTouch was listed as a ReadWriteWeb Top 10 Enterprise Products. Other products honored included those from Microsoft, Salesforce, Jive Software, Cisco Systems and Apple. I am proud to note Microsoft and Cisco are both MindTouch customers too.

Two of the selected products that shared the spotlight this year with MindTouch are Microsoft Sharepoint and Jive Software SBS. MindTouch VP, Mark Fidelman recently highlighted these products in a blog post at CloudAve: SharePoint 2010 vs, MindTouch the Battle of the Platforms and Jive Software vs. MindTouch – a Guide for Decision Makers. Thanks for the recognition Alex, Marshall, Richard, et al.

In addition to the RWW honor, MindTouch has received many other accolades in recent months including:

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Credit: Mashget via Flickr
Credit: Mashget via Flickr

One of the often overlooked benefits of MindTouch Deki is the ability to create an organizational memory by capturing your company’s tacit and explicit knowledge. This is done in a manner that makes it expedient for others to later consume this memory, if done manually, and enables the programmatic processing of the data through a rich set of RESTful interfaces.

With the recent wave of layoffs MindTouch has been witnessing an increase in customers who have proactively begun to put in place processes for minimizing the costs and risks of layoffs. With MindTouch Deki, these processes are especially efficient and low cost. Jason Rothbart of RWW writes about the use of collaboration technologies to minimize knowledge bleed in a recent post.

The scale of layoffs over the past few weeks is unprecedented. The impact on these people who have been shown the door and on the companies that have let them go will linger for years to come. Besides the emotional damage that occurs when people are forced out, there is a tangible cost to companies when knowledge and experience walk out the door. Once that knowledge and experience are gone, no amount of TARP money will bring them back. It may be too late for some companies to prevent this now, but putting measures in place will lessen the blow in future.

rww.pngOne of the few ways to address the problem is to adopt collaborative tools and processes that capture the information companies need to be able to thrive.

Every company in the world relies on the bits of information that live in its employees’ heads. The accounts payable clerk may know a small nugget on how to negotiate the best price with an important vendor. A salesperson may repeat the same pitch when selling to a certain kind of customer that works every time. An engineer may be the only person who knows why software was originally built with ColdFusion. The branch manager may know the precise spot to kick the box compactor when it acts up.

All of these bits of knowledge add up to a vast amount of information that a healthy business requires. But the vast majority of companies do a poor job of gathering this information in a systematic way….

via Layoffs Send People and Knowledge Packing – ReadWriteWeb.

You don’t have to be Machiavellian to look to MindTouch Deki for ameliorating the impact of layoffs. Deploying MindTouch Deki is a common sense step that one can take to prevent knowledge bleed and improve productivity. How does a company achieve the capture of tacit and explicit knowledge? Simply by using MindTouch Deki as an alternative to your network file server and email will automatically achieve this end. Even richer benefits can be realized with improved and more efficient processes for collaboration, enterprise automation and integration. Contact us via chat or email and we’ll be happy to elaborate further.