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In an ongoing effort to redefine customer help, MindTouch announces support for common CCMS vendors like Astoria, DocZone, SDL Trisoft, and IXIAsoft. Releases business “how-to” toolkit for socializing CMS and CCMS.

Austin, TX, November 17, 2011 — MindTouch, the provider of exceptional product help experiences, announced at Lavacon this week support for common Componentized Content Management System (CCMS) vendors such as Astoria, DocZone, SDL Trisoft and IXIAsoft.

XML and DITA based CMS’s have proven market value by decreasing the cost of [...]

I’ve just returned from the 2011 Lavacon conference in Austin, TX where I presented "Who Cares About Your Live Content?". The audience at the conference included content strategists, techpubs, elearning and techcomm managers. There were great sponsors present, such as: Adobe TCS, Astoria, SDL LiveContent, IXIAsoft and Madcap Flare.

I’m sharing my deck with you here because I think it’s a great crash course on the real world benefits of help and product content across an entire organization.

Also TechWhirl provided a [...]

Today MindTouch announced new product capabilities for enhancing CMS and CCMS vendors like Astoria, DocZone, SDL LiveContent, Trisoft and IXIAsoft.

WHY Better customer help, happier customers. HOW Socialize existing publishing pipelines. WHAT Replace PDF and static content outputs from current publishing pipelines with a social publishing endpoint.

XML and DITA based CMS’s have proven market value by decreasing the cost of authoring, maintaining and translating content. While powerful in lowering costs, CCMS platforms are publishing value laden content into obsolete pre-Web formats such as PDFs, [...]

MindTouch worked with the Gilbane Group, some of our customers, the Society for Technical Communicators and several industry experts to develop a toolkit that provides a “how-to” for repurposing Componentized Content Management Systems (CCMS’s) by adding a social publishing layer. This benefits your customers in profound and measurable ways. If you care about your users, you need this toolkit.

CCMS’s like SDL Trisoft and IXIAsoft have proven their value to the market by lowering the costs associated with producing, maintaining and [...]

Technical communication is currently suffering the side effects of a “social revolution” and is failing to evolve to the needs of the customer.

Industry leaders such as IXIAsoft, SDL with Trisoft and others have done an excellent job of innovating the ease in which companies can manage content. Focusing on XML authoring tools and Component Content Management Systems (CCMS) has provided tremendous value by lowering costs. In the fervor to lower the costs of technical writing and translation there is one [...]

This year at TCWorld in Germany, Scott Abel hosted a full day of content strategy talks. The participants included an illustrious group in the content strategy space including: Ann Rockley, Charles Cooper, Rahel Ann Bailie, Geoff Roberts, Noz Urbina and Ray Gallon. Scott did an amazing job of organizing the speakers and focusing the content. This track was really relevant and valuable. It was helpful to anyone in customer support, marketing, product management and, of course, techcomm. There were two [...]