The learning curve for most systems is steep. MindTouch, on the other hand, is so intuitive that we were productive from day one.

Chantel Brathwaite,
Senior Technical Writer, Pentaho

MindTouch is known for its technology and service

By working alongside industry leaders for the past 6 years, we have helped define the new
best practices for customer success and support.

With MindTouch, my teammates and I were able to collaborate on an extremely detailed technical doc in real-time, make our changes, and have them instantly appear. There is simply no way that we would have been able to do what we did on that archaic DITA system.

Sandra Wagner,

MindTouch allows you to make certain articles or even sections of articles visible to only specified users or groups – and you can even use your existing authentication provider. Such easy-to-use features and embedded analytics help you manage your community more effectively.

Sarah Lesway-Ball,
Senior Manager, Customer Experience