I came across a blog post discussing the just-finished Summit on Technical Communications, and it noted how Summit attendees were reporting that end-user input was decreasing. Whether your end user is your employees or your customers, not getting feedback is detrimental to your business and to your customer’s success. Without feedback, you’re essentially creating all of this content blind to the needs of the people who rely on that content.

The post offers several reasons for why this is happening, including [...]


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MindTouch is changing the way companies deliver product help, self-service, field service and customer support enablement by turning these traditional cost centers into a revenue generator. MindTouch not only improves self-service, but increases sales and customer renewals (learn more about our approach). We are a fast-growing Software as a Service company that is proud to have great companies like ADP, Accenture, Samsung, Docker, Zenefits, Zuora, Remington and Intuit relying on our product. We’re also humbled to have [...]

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At MindTouch, we are looking to create a world where people can easily become product experts; a world where people don’t have to struggle to find the information they need to make smarter purchases; a world where support is a Google search away, and not a 30 minute phone call away.  

Self-service impacts our customers in so many ways that go beyond traditional support. While transforming your user manuals and FAQs may not seem like the sexiest investment for your [...]


The subscription economy has made customer onboarding one of the most crucial parts on the customer journey. According to data from Scout Research, if your customers don’t become loyal in the first 90 days, there’s only a 10 percent chance that they remain loyal users. Loyalty takes more than happy customers; they need to be put on the path to becoming product experts before the ink dries.

Many products and services that fall under the subscription model are complex, requiring months [...]


Since PDFs (Portable Document Format) became an open standard in 2008, they’ve been a go-to resource to create simple, web-ready-yet-printable content for every department from Marketing to Product. E-books, Case Studies, Menus, and User Manuals all make their way into our download folders as PDFs.

Today we’re going to focus on how putting the product and help content your organization already produces into HTML web-ready pages can improve your customer’s experience, as well as provide your customer valuable insight into your [...]

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When using GeniusLink for Salesforce with Firefox, agents attempting to suggest articles may have experienced challenges with submitting their suggestion. 

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Blog: Stop Sabotaging Your Customers From Becoming Products Experts Blog: Is Your Customer Engagement Strategy Too Noisy?

Whenever I see someone  acting abrasively towards another person on the train or at the store, I always think back to the old adage: you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I’ve always loved the saying, partly because I want to meet the person who spends their days catching flies. I was reminded of this saying as I thought about the topic of today’s blog post—how to increase a company’s domain authority—because so many of the corporate sites I [...]

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When moving a page and not selecting a target location the dialog would appear to be processing it but never finish the operation. You can use the title section of the move dialog to change the URL of the page while keeping it at the same location. When saving a page with a single quote in the title the system would redirect the author to a different page.  You will no longer experience this issue.

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Blog: [...]

When you talk about ticket deflection, people are inevitably overjoyed at the prospect of lower support costs (hooray!). But if lower support costs are the endgame for your initiative to increase ticket deflection, then you’re missing out on the big picture.

When you talk about ticket deflection, what you should be stoked about is your customers becoming product experts.

The Problem With Support-Centric Ticket Deflection

If ticket deflection being touted as a priority from your support team, the usual logic behind it is [...]

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This past week I got a first hand experience in a) the joys of homeownership, and b) the tragedy that is one company’s approach to turning customers into product experts. So bear with me while I share my story, and I’ll elaborate more on the business lesson I learned from this experience: companies are screwing up their customers’ ability to become product experts.

A Broken Household Appliance Really Grinds My Gears

At my house, I’m responsible for the dishes. After one particularly delicious [...]