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Product Documentation

White Papers and Articles

  • Forrester Report: Outfit Your Customer Support Center with a Revenue Generating Engine - Forrester Research surveyed customers to capture why support organizations are failing to deliver consistent, quality service. Results show that 70%-80% of people who are looking to purchase a product or service will first research online and, if they cannot find a quick answer to their question, 52% of consumers will abandon their online purchase. This 2014 report provides data and models to help customer service professionals improve the ease of customer experience and transform their product help center into a branding and revenue opportunity.
  • Forrester Report: Websites That Don’t Support Customers Waste Millions- Forrester Research surveyed customers on how they search for solutions to their problems online. Results show that with just the slightest frustration in finding an answer, customers switch to a more expensive channel, go to a competitor or don’t buy. This costs companies millions in additional service costs and lost revenue. This report provides data and models to help customer experience professionals improve their digital customer experience.
  • 2 Easy Steps Toward a Customer Experience Victory Over Brand Bashing & “Badvocacy”: Leveraging Product Help onto the Customer Experience Frontline: Last year only 1% of consumers surveyed reported that their expectations for a good customer experience were always met. The same survey reports that 89% said they moved their business to a competitor after a single poor experience. It should be noted that that rate of consumer defection is up 21% since 2006. Two things are clear here. First, consumers’ expectations for great customer service and experiences are rising, and second, companies that don’t invest in the customer experience can expect to lose their customers to those that do. The first step to take toward creating tangible customer centricity is actually often over-looked by a good number of companies, and it’s the most critical step: product documentation and help.

Tool Kits

  • Socializing Content Management- CCMS Toolkit: This kit combines relevant white papers, case studies and articles regarding adding MindTouch to your CCMS investment to create a socially enabled publishing end point for your product and knowledge-base documentation.

Case Studies

  • Case Study: Blackboard- Blackboard is an enterprise technology company focused on building better education experiences through education software. Their goal is to keep educators and students informed, involved, and collaborating in a cost-effective way. Read how Blackboard incorporated collaboration and redesigned workflow, with MindTouch, to create a self-service model which lowered support costs and increased their brand image.
  • Case Study: D-Tools System Integration Software D-Tools is a leader in easy-to use, highly accurate system design software. The company develops and markets software that streamlines the complicated design, engineering, documentation and estimating processes that accompany the integration and installation of low-voltage systems. Read how D-Tools increased the value of their brand and the competitiveness of their products by investing in their clients product help experience.
  • Case Study: Serenic- Serenic Corporation is an international software developer that publishes mission-critical software products for non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and governments.  Serenic specializes in integrated financial management and human capital management software solutions.  The company’s products are based on Microsoft technology platforms and are distributed worldwide. Serenic has offices in Edmonton, Alberta and Denver (Lakewood), Colorado and staff located throughout the USA, and in Europe and Africa. Read how MindTouch improved Serenic’s product help experience and streamlined their documentation process to keep pace with their innovation trajectory.
  • Case Study: Zuora Next Generation Commerce Platform-  Zuora provides an on-demand subscription billing and payment service. The SaaS model replaces current manual processes and expensive billing systems with a reliable cloud solution that allows SaaS and subscription businesses to offer tailored subscription services that adapt to customer needs. Read how MindTouch improved their customers’ experience with social product help and enables their entire team to collaborate on and publish product help documents.
  • Case Study: coolOrange Autodesk Applications Development- coolOrange is a software company offering products and services around Autodesk products, including Inventor, AutoCAD, and Vault. The company is based in Italy and supports Autodesk users and resellers around the world by offering software, training, and installation. coolOrange uses new and emerging technologies to build apps on top of Autodesk and also works with customers and resellers to customize software packages. Read how MindTouch has improved the speed and quality of their product documentation, and how their users benefit from their new MindTouch powered product help site.
  • Gilbane Group: Managing Content for Continuous Learning at Autodesk: When DITA Flows into a Social Web Platform- Autodesk is a design software and services company which continues to exploit state-of-the-art computing systems and technologies. With their MindTouch solution, Autodesk sought to promote customer loyalty through a continuous learning environment. After fully implementing their MindTouch solution, Autodesk was able to capture suggestions and sharing expertise among peers by providing a virtual venue where end users could learn how to apply design and modeling tools to a wide variety of specialized situations. The company was able to enhance the customer experience and integrate with existing tools that when combined with MindTouch created and even more expansive, unified help system.
  • Case Study: RightScale Cloud Computing Platform- RightScale has been a pioneer and leader in cloud computing management since 2006. Read why they turned to MindTouch to provide an effective communication and learning environment that develops users into product experts, provide an agile documentation platform that works the way modern product teams execute, and convert product documentation into a two-way communication and customer engagement channel that creates customer opportunities and builds the brand.
  • Case Study: ExactTarget- ExactTarget is a leading global provider of on-demand email marketing and one-to-one marketing solutions. The company’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology provides organizations with a single platform to connect with customers via email, integrated text messaging, voice messaging, landing pages and social media. Read how MindTouch eliminated their documentation and product help challenges and increased their capacity for innovation, growth and customer engagement.

Videos, Feature Tours, and Webinar Recordings

  • MindTouch Product Tour: watch an abbreviated guided tour of MindTouch. This demo highlights customer sites and successes as well as product capabilities.
  • Autodesk Wiki-Help Tour: a two minute video produced by Autodesk that explains how tens of thousands of Autodesk customers are achieving product success and customer happiness through the social learning center that is powered by MindTouch.