Cloud Collaboration and Business Automation

I am very excited to announce the first ever cloud based enterprise offering from MindTouch. We are calling it MindTouch Cloud and, other than MindTouch 2009, it represents the most significant launch of of the year.

MindTouch Cloud is built on MindTouch 2009. It is a user-friendly business platform for business collaboration and automation. You can connect CRM, databases and services from Google, Yahoo! and others to automate reports, create content workflows to increase efficiency and effectiveness. MindTouch Cloud differs from MindTouch 2009 OnDemand because, unlike OnDemand, you do not have full access to the server for customization and you can not write custom PHP plugins or custom extensions. And of course, you can launch a MindTouch Cloud site in seconds for very little cost. Furthermore, MindTouch Cloud does deliver full access to DekiScript, control panel based skinning and includes full access to all enterprise extensions.

The price per user, per month is as low as $7. This provides the easiest way ever to launch a MindTouch site. MindTouch Cloud is a great solution for users that do not want to maintain on premise installations or for those who do not have control over the IT infrastructure and network settings at their company or organization. Now–in seconds–you can launch a MindTouch site, query data from CRM, ERP and databases to create rich, real-time reports in an easy to use collaborative environment.

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