TurnKey Linux: Best of Open Source – Simplified! Now including MindTouch Core

Hi, I’m Liraz, co-founder of TurnKey Linux, an open source project developing a free virtual appliance library that features the very best server-oriented open source software. TurnKey Linux appliances are ready-to-use solutions that get you up and running in minutes on a virtual machine, bare metal or in the cloud.

TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library

We’ve been big fans of MindTouch for a while now. We use MindTouch Core internally and on our development wiki and love it, so we were excited when Aaron (MindTouch’s CEO) invited us to guest blog and spread the word about what we’re trying to achieve at TurnKey Linux and why you should care.

The project recently celebrated its one year birthday with a major release batch featuring:

  • 25 new additions to the TurnKey Linux virtual appliance library, including a MindTouch Core appliance. This triples the size of the library to 40 appliances, and we’re just getting started!
  • more build formats: appliances are now available as VMDK with OVF support, an installable Live CD, and Amazon EC2 AMI.

Read more about our 2009.10 release here.

Over the last year the project has grown by leaps and bounds and is still picking up steam. It seems like only a short while ago we were excited about our 10,000th download. Now we’re fast approaching our 100,000th download!

Let’s back up a bit. Here’s the story: the largest Linux distributions have over 23,000 packages which are free for both commercial and non-commercial uses, including updates. However, currently it can still take considerable skill and effort to cherry-pick the right components and glue them together into a compelling solution.

We’ve pre-integrated a collection (40 so far) of open source based solutions for nearly every need. Need a turn-key file server? Domain controller? Or maybe a web development framework (e.g., LAMP, Rails, Tomcat), content management system (e.g., Joomla, Drupal, WordPress), or a messaging solution (e.g., Zimbra)? And let’s not forget MindTouch!

Our top 10 most popular appliances last week:

Plus, if we don’t have just what you need appliances can easily be customized and extended using TKLPatch, a simple appliance modification mechanism that allows everyone to join in on the fun and satisfy the long tail of special needs. New appliances can be built quickly as patches to the closest starting point in the library.

It’s easy because even our most basic appliance, TurnKey Core includes all of the standard features such as SSL support, AJAX web shell, and a rich web administration interface. In just 110MB.

Sound good? Come on and give it a try. And tell us what you think. TurnKey Linux has a friendly open source community that’s ready to listen in and eager to help!


  1. None of the pages on http://www.turnkey.org work on our company-standard IE6 / WinXP. All pages are loaded, but show up blank, with the same header/menu on the top.

    Won’t be able to try any application. Not sure if it would be wise to do so anyway if the web site doesn’t even work…

  2. @Martijn: The TurnKey Linux web site is working fine. The correct url is http://www.turnkeylinux.org/ NOT http://www.turnkey.org/

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