New eBook “Open Minded CEOs”, an Expose of Open Source Revolutionaries

In a compelling new eBook, Open Minded CEOs: A collection of essays and interviews from, we learn that working the open source way isn’t always easy and the reward of fanning idea sparks into successful product bonfires takes more than effort, it takes passion and determination. CEOs that make every effort daily to implement open source philosophies in their companies face some central and challenging questions: How can we bring people together to do great things? What motivates them? How can we coordinate them when they unite? How does working the open source way allow us to anticipate the future and adapt to thrive in it? And what counts as success?

This eBook features CEOs from some of today’s most fascinating companies, including our own Aaron Fulkerson who …”has emerged as a true open source leader. Aside from being a much sought-after public speaker and prolific blogger, he has grown and managed MindTouch to a company of more than 50 that was voted one of the best places to work in San Diego, CA .”

Aaron is featured in a section titled MindTouch CEO on open standards, culture, and working at Microsoft, originally published in May 2010. Since then MindTouch has grown into a global company with hundreds of employees serving thousands of companies large and small alike around the world. From its open source beginnings MindTouch has evolved stridently from an enterprise collaboration leader to a company that is reinventing and reinvigorating product help with web, social and mobile innovations that dramatically improves the customer experience and provides business with fresh key benefits and ROI from their product help and documentation investment.

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