MindTouch Faceted Search Raises the Bar on User Experience


About a month ago we introduced a new feature we call faceted search. Faceted search is more than just a fancy way to filter search results. It’s a quick and powerful way to sort results into categories that help users find the answers they need without drowning them in irrelevant information they don’t want.

We’ve been talking about faceted search for a long time so we’re thrilled to put this exciting technology into the hands of your customers for a better user experience. Take a look at this screenshot of faceted search in action and then we’ll talk about why it’s so special.

faceted_search ed-1

We know customers don’t want to waste time sifting through reams of product documentation just to figure out how to change a battery or connect a power source. Faceted search takes the most annoying aspect of searching online documentation and delights users by allowing them to:

  • Filter search results based on Category, User Guide, or Article
  • Drill down into Articles and further sort them by type: Topic, How-To, and Reference
  • Easily bookmark and share relevant results with others
  • Access information across your entire website in a single browser tab
  • Uncover and bookmark related search results for immediate or future reference
  • Use Advanced Search to target specific words, phrases, tags, or even exclude words

Poor online help documentation isn’t just a time sink for your customers. It’s an albatross around the neck of your help desk, too. The superior results offered by faceted search mean users can find what they need without contacting tech support. That translates to a higher ticket deflection rate and infinitely happier users.

Satisfied customers are loyal customers but that doesn’t mean we want to make our customer base dependent on the support desk to walk them through every issue they encounter. Self-service help features like faceted search groom customers to become product experts and, eventually, product advocates.

Available only on MindTouch 4, faceted search takes the annoyance factor out of online product help and replaces it with something truly useful for the customer: The right answer exactly when they need it, without fighting tooth and nail to find it.

Did we miss something? Let us know what you think.