This year MindTouch is proud to send it’s CEO, Aaron Fulkerson and it’s Customer Experience Manager, Corey Ganser to the 10th annual LavaCon Conference on Digital Media and Content Strategies  to be held October 7–9 in Portland, Oregon.

Aaron Fulkerson will deliver a presentation titled Tech Comm and Support that Delivers Customer Happiness: Field Tested Social Design Patterns That Work. 

” Every company wants their customers to be ecstatic with their products. The best way to achieve customer happiness is to convert [...]

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WFT, Firefox 5+!

Where the author laments recent updates to Firefox 5 and later versions…

First, let me start by saying, we love Firefox. That’s a sincere statement. We’ve championed them in the past and likely will again in the future. However – as I’m prone to tell my kids when they’re misbehaving – right now we’re disappointed. Here’s why.

Firefox 5+ all have serious regressions that, for customers of MindTouch, make us look bad. We have advanced features like drag-and-drop attachments of files and [...]

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MindTouch Deki has been submitted into the Forrester Groundswell Awards. Soon you will be able to visit our submission at the Groundswell site and when it’s posted (we’ll announce it) please vote for MindTouch Deki! Here’s our submission:

MindTouch, recognized for the most sophisticated, popular, award-winning, enterprise-scale, open-source Wiki solution in the market today, is taking its innovation beyond open-source Wiki collaboration to delivering the next-generation social enterprise collaboration platform. MindTouch Deki enables the most comprehensive enterprise-level wiki-based collaboration through [...]

Mozilla launched a new Developer Community powered by MindTouch Deki. In an article on Dr. Dobbs about why Mozilla chose MindTouch Deki, Mike Shaver, Mozilla Chief Evangelist, stated that:

Mozilla has a large volume of developer-relevant information, ranging from traditional documentation and sample code to test suites and bug tracking data, as well as a number of active discussion forums and RSS streams. We were looking for a system that would give us the tools to combine and “remix” [...]

About a week ago I read an article written by Marshal Kirkpatrick called How to build an RSS and Blog News Site for your project. In short, Marshall basically outlined how he had built an RSS-based microsite for the JavaOne conference. The article was great, and although I believed I knew almost everything about refining RSS feeds, I actually learned a thing or two.

Towards the end of the article, Marshall started to dive into the presentation process but confessed that [...]

By now our loyal readers are likely sick of hearing me talk about the latest release of Deki Wiki :-), but I’m obliged to thank all the pubs and blogs that covered our announcement and to return some link-love. The response is nothing short of remarkable. In no particular order, here it goes:

The must read post of all the coverage, and there was a lot of quality coverage, is Dr. Dobbs. I say this only because it’s the most technical [...]

Mozilla Selects MindTouch as Future Platform for Developer Community

San Diego, Calif., May 7, 2008 – MindTouch today announced the release of MindTouch Deki Wiki “Jay Cooke” v8.05––the latest version of its award-winning open source enterprise collaboration and integration platform. The Deki Wiki v8.05 release was driven in part by the requirements of Mozilla, which selected MindTouch for the upcoming re-launch of their Mozilla Developer Community.

MindTouch Deki Wiki v8.05 continues MindTouch’s tradition of bleeding edge technology with innovations in internationalization/localization, search, [...]