Business owners and customer service strategists often fall back on classification systems to better understand consumer behavior. It makes sense to try to find some commonality within a given market segment, but customers interact with each other so differently these days that the old rules of engagement simply don’t apply.

Altimeter Group’s Brian Solis says characteristics we’ve typically used to define generations X, Y, and Z are too narrow to be applied to today’s customers. Instead, he heads back to the [...]

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The MindTouch Leaders of #techcomm and #contentStrategy list is live! You can learn more about:

our process and the top 10 listed by categories of: Most Influential, Most Emergent, Top Listeners, Most Followed, Oldest Accounts, Most Frequent Tweeters,

Now, you can view the entire list of the top 400 leaders. This list is also available in a single Twitter list here: Now, onto the leaders…

I think this is the first time I’ve ever written or verbalized “back by popular demand” without even a hint of sarcasm. Yes, we’re bringing back our list of #techcomm influencers because many, many of you have asked us and thousands of you have Googled your way to looking for the updated list.

In 2010, MindTouch produced a list of the most influential techcomm bloggers. Our team spent literally weeks pouring over a variety of sources including, but not limited [...]

Today MindTouch announced new product capabilities for enhancing CMS and CCMS vendors like Astoria, DocZone, SDL LiveContent, Trisoft and IXIAsoft.

WHY Better customer help, happier customers. HOW Socialize existing publishing pipelines. WHAT Replace PDF and static content outputs from current publishing pipelines with a social publishing endpoint.

XML and DITA based CMS’s have proven market value by decreasing the cost of authoring, maintaining and translating content. While powerful in lowering costs, CCMS platforms are publishing value laden content into obsolete pre-Web formats such as PDFs, [...]

Our latest webinar, “Don’t Overlook Governance! Understanding The Need For Control In A Web Content Strategy” was a discussion between Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler and Kristina Halvorson, founder of Brain Traffic and author of “Content Strategy for the Web”. The two discussed governance – what it is, what it isn’t, and why we need it – and explored how organizations can build adequate controls into their content strategy.

The webinar was an action-packed 60 minutes! The recording and Q&A (by Scott [...]

This is the tenth video in The Intelligent Content Series. Today’s video interview is with Bettina Bennett, CEO and Chief Maverick at WhichBox Media, whichbox® is all media content creation, content management, social networking, social media and user generated content, ad-serving, e-commerce, delivery to any tablet device, multi domain management, and more: all wrapped in one.

In today’s video, Scott and Bettina discuss how to create workflows that help writers avoid redundancy, why social enablement is so important to content writers [...]

Up until recently MindTouch has been an upstanding Twitter citizen. We share quality and relevant content predominately on the topics of #techcomm, #custserv, and #scrm. We are engaged and have a dedicated resource managing our discussion, but several people tweet from the MindTouch account. However, in the last couple weeks we’ve inadvertently become spammers.

MindTouch has a new product that we’ll be launching in the coming months. Anyone in product management or customer service is going to be excited about this [...]

The conversation around content strategy has exploded in the last few months.  We’ve certainly contributed to that conversation ourselves, as you’ve undoubtedly seen on this blog.  Still there remains some ambiguity about what exactly is content strategy and why it’s important? In the following series of videos, MindTouch’s Mark Fidelman spends some time with Scott Abel, aka ‘The Content Wrangler‘, and investigates the realm of content strategy, the benefits of application, and its relation to technical communicators and social media.

There can be no doubt that one of the hottest spaces in enterprise software today is collaboration. It’s no surprise collaboration is getting a lot of interest. The old metaphors for capturing, authoring and sharing information are stale and inefficient. As such, there is a lot of room for achieving productivity improvements through improved user experience. This has been true for all software, but especially so in the enterprise software space where collaboration is essential to daily operation and where [...]

About a week ago I read an article written by Marshal Kirkpatrick called How to build an RSS and Blog News Site for your project. In short, Marshall basically outlined how he had built an RSS-based microsite for the JavaOne conference. The article was great, and although I believed I knew almost everything about refining RSS feeds, I actually learned a thing or two.

Towards the end of the article, Marshall started to dive into the presentation process but confessed that [...]