Our friends at Zenoss were recently in San Diego for the LISA conference, which MindTouch too exhibited at. We met up with Matt Ray and Mark Hinkle while they were in town. Both are open source luminaries and down right wonderful guys.  In an afternoon Matt create a fantastically useful MndTouch Deki and Zenoss mashup that allows IT, System and Network admins to more efficiently manage their infrastructure by combining the collaborative and business automation capabilities of MindTouch and the [...]

VM Security Updates

Since the 8.05 Jay Cooke VM release, Debian has announced several security updates which affect the Deki Wiki VM. Because reading the debian-security-announce mailing list probably isn’t your idea of fun (though I think it is), we’ve started tracking the Deki Wiki specific updates on the DekiWiki VM Security Updates page.

One of the latest vulnerabilities is particularly annoying. According to DSA-1576-1:

The recently announced vulnerability in Debian’s openssl package (DSA-1571-1, CVE-2008-0166) indirectly affects OpenSSH. As a result, all user [...]