Driving Customer Success with Self-service Support

Serving the 71% of your customers demanding self-service and empowering your agents

MindTouch® is a provider of cloud based customer success software. This is a new kind of technology that helps your prospects buy faster and your customers become brand advocates. It works by helping your buyers and customers understand your products and services better. Deploy an effective customer success center in days and deliver the world’s best self-service support experience. MindTouch can be deployed stand alone or can extend into your products and existing customer support systems.

  • Why MindTouch
  • Speed – Deploy faster. Spot trends faster. React faster.
  • Increase customer retention with proactive support that’s in-product and contextual.
  • Double ticket deflection.
  • Empowers agents – 40% improved mean time to resolution.
  • Happier customers – 20% increases in NetPromoter Scores.
  • Enables collaboration – increases content quality and speed of delivery.
  • Did you know?
  • 71% of the customers demand self-service support.
  • Forrester Research cites proactive support as a top buying trend in 2013.
  • A LivePerson survey found 71% of customers demand support answers within five minutes and 33% immediately.
  • 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience.
  • 86% of consumers will pay more for a customer experience.
  • MindTouch can be deployed in an afternoon, global enterprise in less than a month.

Effortless Authoring and Publishing using the LightSpeed Framework

The MindTouch LightSpeed Framework makes publishing and authoring quick and effortless for all your constituents. LightSpeed Framework provides an intuitive and collaborative authoring environment so you can finally capture knowledge from all your subject matter experts, both internal and external. And MindTouch automatically relates and organizes the content without the need for specialist knowledge or in-depth training. The framework uses core features within MindTouch such as automatic redirect management, version control, content reuse, and a WYSIWYG editor. You can also create advanced approval workflows to route content through a series of moderators before it is released to your customers.

Product Portfolio, Product Guides, and User Guides associate your content quickly and intelligently.
Enhanced navigational features allow your customers to discover content logically and improve their learning experience.

By configuring user and group permissions, MindTouch allows you to either streamline an article for a specific customer or add dynamic components that will augment the composition to serve the advanced needs of expert user groups. The system can be further automated by activating single-sign-on to your existing SAML, LDAP or Active Directory provider.

help rank
Machine learning optimization.


MindTouch HelpRank allows you to present the information that is most useful according to other users and your support agents. The technology behind it employs a series of sophisticated learning algorithms that continuously incorporates customer and agent behavior to get increasingly optimized search results. Factors such as back-links, metadata, shares, ratings, user roles and a multitude of other metrics ensure your customers continue to receive the best answers and are guided toward the most relevant knowledge paths.

MindTouch F1 In-Product Contextual Help

MindTouch F1 Contextual Help provides an easy to deploy, fully customizable, in-product contextual help system that allows your users to access information that is related to what they see on the screen. You can get the help you need immediately without having to access another screen or send an email.

MindTouch Contextual Help
Stop customer confusion and support calls or tickets at the source.

Ticket Deflection and Customer Agent Empowerment

MindTouch is designed to intercept and deflect the majority of support tickets before they happen. MindTouch has partnerships with SAP, SalesForce and Zendesk so that you can connect support agents with real-time product knowledge recommendations and enable them to either share existing documentation or to publish an entirely new solution directly back to MindTouch – a feature that continuously improves the quality of information and increases ticket deflection..

Ticket Deflection and Integrated User Agent Experience
MindTouch has partnered with SAP, Salesforce and Zendesk to deliver agent empowerment.

Reporting, Analytics and Marketing Automation

MindTouch Content Analytics provide valuable insight into content and customer behaviors. With the built in reports you are able to detect trends that make your content strategy more effective and improve your ability to execute on search engine optimization. Furthermore, raw data can be exported and processed by the business intelligence tool of your choosing. Our out-of-the-box reporting includes: Activity, Rating, Aging and Search Analytics. MindTouch Content Analytics combined with third party web analytics allow administrators to quickly detect important trends and positively impact product help content, product strategy, customer success programs and customer retention while simultaneously assisting customer support to be more effective and efficient.

MindTouch Reporting and Analytics

Combining MindTouch with marketing automation systems like Marketo, Eloqua, or Pardot is a recipe for customer success, retention and increased sales. Imagine being able to automate precisely targeted email campaigns based on customer interactions across all channels. With MindTouch, product knowledge creates a mesh of knowledge—help center, agent and call center, in-product, social channels— that provides you with unprecedented programmatic understanding of your customers needs, wants and location in the customer lifecycle. This is a fast, powerful and effective way to increase customer retention and to drive up-sell and cross-sell in an automated manner.

Entirely Customizable

Your product help experience should be as unique as your product. With MindTouch your brand comes first. Every aspect of MindTouch is entirely customizable in order to create a seamless help experience in-product and across all of your customer support channels.

  • Single-sign-on capability
  • Custom content templates
  • Permission based conditional content and formatting
  • SAML, LDAP and Active Directory

Here are some examples of customized experiences MindTouch has delivered for world-class companies to serve their clients in harmony with their brand and values.

  • HTC


  • SuccessFactors


  • Blackboard


  • Zuora, SugarCRM, PayPal

    Zuora, SugarCRM, PayPal Germany